Part 9: A special photo shoot during pregnancy

Some of our customers love it minimalistic with baby bump shooting without many accessories, others rather more playful and with a personal touch. We find both styles of photography beautiful and inspiring, but today we would like to give you a little insight into how you can stage your stomach personally and especially in the shoot and in your photo. Here we have put together some examples of which you can use for your Baby bump photo can be inspired.

Of course, we have already been able to capture a few baby bumps in our photo studio and have thus already been able to gain countless experiences with a very personal style and picture ideas that we would like to share with you. There are countless possibilities and creative ideas to make your baby bump photos even more individual and special.

birth cards, photo album and some pregnant women have already planned and put together a children's room in their heads. This often already results in a color theme, which some pregnant women also like to do with a baby bump shoot and in the Newborn Shooting want to implement. Sometimes this is also about the color theme of your own wedding. But florals, special clothing or other materials can also link all stages of life and photo shoots. For example eucalyptus, which may already have been in your bouquet and is now framing your child in the basket, or an outfit made of linen, which gently caresses your baby bump and in which we can cuddle your baby, to name just a few examples.

Since it's only a short 9 months from the beginning of pregnancy to the birth of your baby (which really goes by so fast) some have their pregnancy captured on picture every month or every other month. So you can document the growth of your little darling over 9 months and put together a collage from the photos of your pregnancy shoots. Here are you as well us photographers there are no limits to the baby belly shoot. It is entirely up to you and your taste whether you want to be in the picture as a mum-to-be, only to see your tummy or whether the whole family should be united in the photo.

If you want something a little more special from the outfit for your shoot, we have a voluminous pink tulle dress ready for you in our studio. This looks super soft, fluffy and airy on baby bump photos. Of course you can also bring your own baby bump clothes to our studio. For example, it would also be possible to integrate your wedding dress into the picture of the baby bump if it had an airy cut or you got married while pregnant. A blazer is also an underestimated item of clothing for baby bumps, as it looks super classy, has a straight cut and allows your baby bump to simply protrude.

Of course, the topic of "colors" can also refer to your complete clothing and the background in your photo shoot. Tone-on-tone not only looks super classy in your photo, but also emphasizes you as a person and your round belly.

Speaking of colors, normal colors or UV colors also look fabulous on baby bump photos. Whether it's your baby's name, seasonally inspired motifs, hearts or simply decorated with a little body lotion. With UV colors, we can also make your stomach really glow in the photo studio with black light.

Of course, we don't necessarily have to stay in the photo studio for your baby bump shoot. For more homeliness and a quiet atmosphere, we also come to your home and pick out the most beautiful corners of your apartment or house. Or maybe you have a very special place that should be on your photo and with which you associate many memories? Your wedding location, the lake where you always go swimming or maybe just a sight or a landscape that you find super beautiful and with which you associate beautiful memories.

We photographers are super flexible and are happy to meet you outside of our photo studio. Incidentally, with outdoor pictures for a baby bump photo shoot, there is the very special bonus that we also optimally match the season of your last weeks of pregnancy to yours Baby bump photos Munich can hold on to.

We would be really happy to conjure up beautiful baby bump photos for you too.
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