Part 3: The outfit is essential for a baby bump shoot

The date for your photo shoot has been set, but now comes the exciting question of "What should I wear?" and "Which outfit will show off my baby bump best in the photo?" Because the right outfit and accessories are essential for your photo, whether indoors or outdoors.

First of all, THE perfect outfit for a Baby bump shoot does not exist, because it depends very much on your individual taste. We have put together a few tips, ideas and inspiration for you here and explain what you should look out for when it comes to clothing and make-up. When it comes to make-up, you're about to prick up your ears?? Then you should read everything to the end.

Tip 1: Stay true to your style even when shooting a baby bump

Your outfit guides the style of your baby bump photos. The most important thing is that you and your baby bump should feel comfortable in it. So choose something that suits you for your baby belly shoot. There are umpteen styles, whether romantic, boho, rocking, business or sporty. You can come in a classic maternity dress, a dress with a long train, or in jeans. Whether it's a lot of lace, strong colors or minimalistic in black and white - it's up to you what kind of theme you choose and what you want to bring in as a personal touch. A mix of several styles in the shoot is of course also possible.

In order to find your style for the photo shoot, it usually helps to think about whether you want your baby bump to be fully clothed or photographed in your underwear. If you decide to have a photo shoot in lingerie, you should come to your photo session in loose clothing to avoid leaving marks.

Tip 2: The right choice of pattern and colour

Black, white, colourful, striped, checked or floral? Which colors and patterns work well in a photo shoot? Let's start with a no-go for your baby bump photo shoot: Please make sure that you don't choose a pattern that is too small or too large. With the small patterns, the so-called Moree effect often occurs, which distorts the structures of your dress beyond recognition. Patterns that are too big on the dress, on the other hand, will steal the show during your baby bump shoot. Horizontal stripes are often a nice idea to emphasize your stomach and thus your baby, but they can quickly distract you from yourself during the shoot.

When choosing the color of your clothes for the baby bump photo shoot, it is best to make sure that you do not choose any colors that do not suit your type. We would also be happy to advise you before your shoot in the studio. If you do not come to us alone, but also your partner or your baby's siblings, it is best to coordinate your colors so that your picture does not appear overloaded with too many color contrasts. All colors from a color family are allowed, because they look harmonious on your baby bump pictures.

Extra tip for the baby bump shooting: Normally, a V-neck flatters the body more than a crew neck and long sleeves flatter the occasional water retention.

Tip 3: The right underwear for the baby bump photo

Now it's time for the laundry and our tip 3: you're on the safe side with skin-colored or neutral underwear in white or black. For example, if you want to wear a transparent or white fabric or our white maternity dress, you choose white or skin-colored lingerie. For skin-tight dresses, we also recommend underwear without a hem or lace so that the underwear doesn't show through.

Tight dresses emphasize your stomach and curves in a really stylish way and are always a good choice, whether short or long. On the contrary, flowing dresses caress your stomach and your curves in a wonderfully elegant way and, when draped correctly, appear pompous or even calm. We also have a small selection of dresses suitable for the photo shoot in the studio. On the one hand, a playful white dress with lace, which looks rather feminine and gentle. On the other hand, we can also offer you a black lace mini dress, which is very elegant. We also have a beige/pale pink dress with a wonderfully long train that's perfect for throwing up. All are one size and can be easily adjusted to your body shape, size and the size of the baby bump.

However, if you are planning your baby belly shoot in lingerie, it can be a little more exclusive here. Every woman has her own taste. For beautiful photos, we advise you to listen to your gut feeling and not to wear what you do not feel comfortable in or what no longer fits properly. So that the size fits and nothing cuts in, a short shopping tour in the days before the baby bump shooting is a good idea. Many mums-to-be simply pack a bikini, which is usually a little more flexible than lingerie.

Tip 4: Or do you prefer casual and simple?

If you prefer to keep it casual and minimalistic in photos of your baby bump, you can bring a bandeau top and a long skirt, for example. This is a perfect outfit to really show off your stomach. In combination with a denim jacket, your baby bump can be beautifully emphasized and small buttons with the gender of your child or the date of birth can be pinned on as small accessories. The same goes for a bandeau top with a pencil skirt and blazer if you prefer something a little dressier for your shoot. We are happy to bring in further ideas in a personal conversation and suitable for your type.

Tip 5: Include your partner in the photos

Your partner can't be present at the shooting and yet he shouldn't be missing at this special moment? We have a few ideas for this in our tip 5: Just bring your loved one's shirt and wrap yourself in what might be a much too big piece of clothing, or grab his jeans, they'll probably still fit well. So your partner is indirectly involved in the great photos of your baby bump shoot. Or did he often have to rush to the supermarket just before closing time during your pregnancy because you were too hungry for a certain treat? Then feel free to bring your favorite snack and use it as a little metaphor for your pregnancy photo. If you enjoy spending time together outdoors, you can bring a bouquet of wildflowers of your choice to the bump shoot.

Back to the jeans: of course you can also bring one of your jeans with you and we don't mean maternity jeans. Most of the time the button doesn't close anymore and it won't fit 100% anymore, but as long as it still reaches over your bottom, it's a nice part of your outfit, looks super casual on your baby bump pictures and at the same time is a nice reminder of what your body is like accomplished this in nine months.

Tip 6: The right footwear for the photo shoot during pregnancy

The right shoes should not be missing for the shooting. Even if they may rarely be seen in the pictures, they are an eye-catcher and should be selected according to the style. With some expectant mothers, the feet are somewhat swollen due to various water retention. There are two different solutions for this. If you start planning your great pictures early on, we can anticipate the best time and photograph your baby belly pictures 6 weeks before your baby is born, so that there is no or very little water retention. Another option would be sturdy boots that not only look really cool and skilfully conceal any swollen feet, but also don't cloud your great memories of your pregnancy afterwards.

Tip 7: Enhance the baby belly photo with jewelry

When it comes to jewelery for your pregnancy photo, we can advise you in our tip 7: Either delicate or as a statement. Delicate jewelery are light chains, bracelets that are made with filigree or engagement and wedding rings. When it comes to statement necklaces, bracelets or rings, it should be noted that your outfit should be either very subtle or really sumptuous. With a decent outfit, your jewelry will stand out, with a glamorous outfit less, so you can choose larger and more parts here. We advise against watches, as they attract everyone's attention due to the time display.

Tip 8: Choose make-up that suits you, the pictures and the clothes

Natural vs. Glamorous. Tip 8 is all about your make-up for your baby bump shoot. Are you more the natural type and rarely wear lipstick? You can also see that in your baby belly shoot. Many pregnant women develop their very own glow from within during pregnancy anyway. However, if you don't want to miss out on a bit of glamor during the baby bump shoot and you plan to be photographed in an evening dress made of tulle or chiffon, we recommend a more complex make-up. Here you can also exaggerate a bit during a shooting in the photo studio, since the flash of our lamp "swallows" a lot of color. For an outdoor shoot, it's best to do your makeup exactly how you want it.

The next blog post is about Part 4: What accessories do I need for baby bump photos?

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