Regular professional photo shoots
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Photogenic card / children's pass

Photogenic card / children's pass in Munich

Our Photogenikarte is a wonderful idea to have professional photos taken of your children on a regular basis. Attractive discounts for the following family photo shoots are also included. An unforgettable memory for you and your children.

Three years of regular pictures of your children at a fixed price. Each short appointment includes a discussion of your wishes and different recordings.

On request, we will advise you in detail and personally on your next photo shoot in Munich.

Services photogenic card / children's pass

  • You pay a one-time fee of €199
  • This “season ticket” entitles you to make up to four appointments per year for three years without additional admission fees
  • 50 € discount on bookings of all other photo shoots in the field of portrait, baby bump, newborn, family as well as nude and lingerie
  • once €50 discount on ours Photo Albums (Mini Album Combo, Boutique Book or Studio Collection) e.g. as a conclusion after three years with all pictures
  • our photo shoot promotions are included at no extra charge (however without included pictures)
  • the card cannot be transferred to other families and is valid for all children and siblings from a family up to the age of 16
  • Duration: 15 - 20 minutes per appointment
  • Appointments from / after Christmas to the end of October from Monday to Friday
  • Photo Products and pictures will be charged additionally (package of 3 = 75 € exclusively for photogenic cards)
  • not with that Baby Pass  combinable
  • a voucher for the every year Photo day in kindergarten of your child in the amount of one big savings package. Please contact us in advance. 🙂

Information & Conditions

  • If both parents, grandparents, friends and godparents should be included in the photo, please book one of our normal photo shoots (Small, medium, large discounted by €50) where we can take more time.
  • If your child doesn't want to be part of an appointment, we simply arrange a new appointment - there are no additional costs for you
  • Since we provide special time slots for photogenic cards, these are often fully booked well in advance. Therefore, it is best to arrange the next one after each appointment!

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More information and offers about the Photogenikarte

Will you be a parent soon? Or are you looking for a gift for expectant parents? We document this exciting time with you, from the pregnancy photography with baby bump, to the photo shoot after the birth, to baby photos or the special moments with your family.

Baby pass: because all good things come in threes

Three consecutive photo shoots - and we'll give you the first shoot for free! Photogenika's baby pass allows you to remember your pregnancy and the exciting time immediately after the birth of your baby in detail. We accompany you with the help of our photography on the exciting journey around the birth of your child.

Further information

Family photo shoot - in your own four walls

If you feel more comfortable at home than in our photo studio, we will be happy to come to your familiar surroundings for the photo shoot. We simply bring professional equipment with lighting with us. At your home, we photograph beautiful baby photos, children's photos or family photos, without any stress or hectic for you and your offspring.

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