Christmas party TheMobilityHouse

I was just before Christmas event photographer in Munich at a very funny, relaxed and a little bit crazy Christmas party.

The Company "The Mobility House“ booked us again. We have often been able to accompany the company and all its employees to various celebrations and events and each time something completely different and special is offered.
But this year was as dazzling, colorful and fun as never before.

The celebration took place inTavern Maximilian“, in the middle of Munich, which is already a beautiful location with delicious food.

And now hold on tight: The motto was "Kir Royal"! One or the other may still know and love the cult series from the 80s. Appropriate drinks were of course also available.

In the course of the evening there was a little surprise: everyone had to take part in a small, fun challenge. "Bavaria's best dachshund" was sought and the task was to make the most beautiful dachshund. So it was cut with craft scissors and glued like crazy and everyone was busy.

The most creative accessories and materials could be used: wigs, balloons, hats, toilet paper rolls, paper plates and much more. Some very funny dogs came about here. 😉

After food and drink, the partying and dancing continued in a nightclub until the early hours of the morning.

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