Part 8: Baby bump photo shoot with the 2nd or 3rd baby?

If, like many of us, you are not the firstborn in your family, you will know it: Your parents have put a little less effort into documenting the pregnancy and the first year of life with each subsequent child (or you have superparents who also are enthusiastic about photography). Of course, some things are repeated and with the first child, the fact that everything is new makes everything a little more exciting and you grab the camera faster and capture a lot in the picture. However, as a second, third or fourth born, you will surely know that this has always felt a bit unfair for you as well, since everyone is individual and deserves exactly the same loving attention.

It is therefore important to many that every baby gets the same amount of attention and therefore the same shoots. Every pregnancy and every baby bump is unique from the ground up, just like its inhabitant. Some sit lower, others higher and between round, pointed and asymmetrical every shape is represented. It will also be an extraordinary experience for your little one to be able to tap on the photos and realize "I used to be in that stomach". We therefore recommend one for each additional child Baby bump shoot to plan.

Furthermore, your existing siblings can also be part of the photo shoot, as they are also a big part of your “pregnancy journey”. They have probably been looking forward to the birth date ever since they found out about the new sibling. But until that time comes, the only thing they can touch is your baby bump. The siblings love to touch your belly and proudly say “there’s my brother/sister in there!” and a baby bump photo with your child’s and your partner’s hands on your belly is wonderful and relatively easy to do in the studio. As a little tip, we can recommend that you bring your child’s/children’s favorite snack to the photo shoot, so you always have an “ace up your sleeve”.

You could also use your baby bump photo shoot as an occasion, again a topical one family photo to be photographed with all your loved ones (and the new family member in your belly). The picture we could then later with a Newborn Shooting stage again in our photo studio. So your little ones are the center of attention and you create a memory of the time before the birth together.

The representation of your baby's gender can also be very different. For example, if your firstborn is a boy and now a girl follows, we can play with colors and shapes in a variety of ways. Accessories help us to add even more individuality to yours baby bump pics bring to. You can bring as many accessories as you want with you to the baby bump shoot here, we will then select them with you so that we can create a unique photo for your baby.

Every pregnancy is different, and while things don't always go smoothly, each one has something wonderfully unique that you'll want to look back on for years to come. Therefore, this trip should also be documented and the new family member should be celebrated.

Many pregnant women also use the shooting for themselves to give themselves a little break before the birth. Some also bring their husbands with them to the shooting, so that they can enjoy the rare time together.

It doesn't matter how many times you've already been pregnant with us, every further photo shoot will be something very special and you will see that in your pictures.

The next blog post is about Part 9: A special photo shoot during pregnancy.

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