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Professional photography that captures the uniqueness of your business location

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Specialized architectural photography that highlights the quality and aesthetics of your business premises

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Images that show the soul of your office or practice

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Your architectural photographers for Munich

Your apartment, house, building, business or office in the best light

First impressions count, and that doesn't just apply to people. With real estate, too, the first impression is made on your website, in an internet portal, expose or in a trade journal. Potential customers want a coherent first impression. Only then do you take the time for an initial inspection of the building or house.


With our high-quality photos of existing properties or properties under construction in Munich, you literally open the door for interested parties and customers. Professional photos from Photogenika will turn your property into a star even before it is viewed. It doesn't matter whether it's architectural photography or real estate photography from the inside, Photogenika puts your house in the limelight.


Hourly prices for business area

  • Photography exclusive image data €85/hr
  • Reportage/event photography including pictures €125/hr

Good photos open doors

For the preparation of the Munich photo shoot of your object, it is best if you have already considered the motifs and details and prepare the location accordingly. We are happy to work out interesting motifs together so that we can later get the best out of your property.

If you want interior shots, you should of course pay attention to the equipment of the premises. Perfect results in architectural photographs are obtained with optimal lighting, correct shadowing and appropriate dynamics. Ultimately, subtleties can always be corrected with professional digital post-processing.

The duration of an interior photo shoot in Munich depends on your wishes and the number of shots. Of course, the light plays a big role. The better it is, the faster the shots will be successful. While blue skies and sunshine are good for the mood, they are not necessarily suitable for architectural photography. Meaningful images are created with diffuse light from outside that does not cast too strong shadows. A bright day with thin cloud cover is ideal for a property photo shoot in Munich.

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Details & Answers

all about your architectural photography

What is architectural photography?

Architectural photography is the art of photographing buildings and structures in a way that highlights both their aesthetic and functional aspects. It includes interior shots of business premises as well as exterior shots of buildings and can be used for commercial or editorial purposes.

Why is professional architectural photography important for my company?

Professional architectural photography presents your business or practice in the best possible light and can help strengthen your brand, highlight your professionalism and gain the trust of potential clients or patients. High-quality images are great for marketing materials, websites, and social media.

How does an architectural photo shoot work?

An architectural photo shoot usually begins with a preliminary discussion in which your goals and specific requirements are discussed. On the day of the shoot, the photographer will work on using the best perspectives and lighting conditions to optimally showcase your space. Attention is paid to both the overall view and important details.


What preparations are necessary for the photo shoot?

It is important that the rooms to be photographed are tidy and clean. Personal items should be removed if possible or arranged neatly to allow for a clear and focused display. You should also think about any particular features or areas that you want to highlight.

Do I receive the rights to use the photos?

Yes, after completing the project and paying, you will receive the rights to use the photos. The exact conditions, including the type of permitted use (e.g. commercial, editorial) and the duration of the usage rights, are set out in the contract.

How are the finished photos delivered?

After the shoot, photos are professionally edited to ensure the best quality and consistency. The finished images are made available to you digitally via a secure online gallery from which you can easily download the photos.

Can I have changes made to the photos?

If you require changes or additional edits beyond standard post-production, we are happy to discuss your requirements and provide services accordingly. Please note that additional costs may apply for extensive edits.

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