Part 5: Baby bump photos - tips and tricks

Are you pregnant, planning a baby bump shoot and can't get enough of the tips and tricks? Neither do we! Thanks to our many years of experience in the photo studio, we can give you some helpful tips and tricks from us photographers reveal so that your photos get the perfect finishing touch.

The most important and elementary tip for your photo shoot comes first. Have a good time, celebrate the day of your baby bump shoot, if possible just for you and enjoy this special moment. Because your unique baby bump is a big milestone in your life and it should definitely be recorded. The beautiful photos will later be a wonderful memory of this very special time for you and your baby will hardly be able to believe with wide eyes that this big belly was once at home.

A few days before your pregnancy photo shoot you can already look at some example photos from our homepage or on the internet. So you already have a few sample pictures ready when you arrive at our studio on the day of your baby bump shoot. Using example images, we can already get a good idea of your taste or perfectly interpret your desired image (if you should have one) for you. You may already know from the many ideas you have found whether you would like to have your beautiful baby bump photos printed in color or black and white.

before yours Baby bump photo shoot could you put in a little spa day, because let's face it, it's always good to have an excuse to take a relaxing day (especially when you're pregnant). You are welcome to be pampered with a manicure (and pedicure). You can also take this opportunity to pay your hairdresser a visit, because you probably won't have much time for that after the birth. Of course, if you want, you can also include your partner on the wellness day, so that his haircut is fresh right away. This way you will both like each other better on the baby bump photos. In the evening you can also pamper your tummy with some baby oil so that it is wonderfully soft and tender the next day.

On the morning of your photo shoot, it's best to avoid tight clothing so that pressure points on your delicate curves don't stand a chance right from the start. Treat yourself to a nice breakfast with your partner, your husband or your wife, go for a walk outside in the great outdoors and best of all set off with a little time buffer. This way you don't have to worry about being late for your appointment and we can start relaxed with your beautiful photos.

For your perfect look right on the day of the photo shoot, we work together with some great make-up artists who we are happy to book for you and who will take care of your make-up and your hair style right before the baby bump shoot. Here you can consider in advance whether you prefer it natural for your pictures, for example if you otherwise have rather subtle make-up, or whether you would rather have your facial features emphasized a little more, for example with glamorous make-up with artificial eyelashes . Our make-up artists will be happy to advise you on a wonderful baby bump photo shoot.

If you have more of an introverted personality, you are more than welcome to bring your partner, your child or even your pet with you at any time, so that we can also start taking photos together. This will help you to overcome your little shyness, which we are of course happy to take away from you as quickly as possible if you come to us alone. Even small accessories help you with your Baby bump photo shoot to feel more comfortable.

If the thought of studio photos doesn't appeal to you so much because you feel more comfortable in your own four walls, we're happy to let you invite you to your home. In this way we can photograph you in your natural surroundings and with your personal style and thus present you individually. Here we look for the right location in your home to photograph you and your little miracle professionally and yet naturally.

Maybe you are already thinking about how you want to use the pictures after the shoot before you take the baby belly shots. If you want your loveliest baby bump to hang large over your little darling's bed, we could adapt the colors directly to the children's room. We can also develop a color scheme for a picture with the father-to-be so that everything looks magically harmonious. Or should it rather be photo album be together with the newborn pictures? Then we can also coordinate the colors of both shootings and, for example, bring a teddy we have already bought into the picture.

There is only one thing you should definitely avoid. Don't put any pressure on yourself. Like every pregnant woman, you are unique and so your taste is also something very special. Therefore let yourself be inspired by pictures for your outfit and your accessories, but do not try at all costs to correspond to an ideal that does not suit you very well. Enjoy your very personal moment in the photo studio and look forward to the great photos of your pregnancy.

The next blog post is about Part 6: Procedure for the perfect baby bump photo shoot.

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