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Advertising photography for your campaign

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With professional photography we give your product a story and character

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"Individual solutions in advertising photography that present your brand in a new light

Individual advertising photography solutions that present your brand in a new light

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography Munich

Your professional advertising photographer for creative photos

Put your products and your company in the limelight with a professional advertising photographer from Munich. Our photographers focus on particularly authentic images that optimally represent your company and your products.

Show your know-how and convince potential customers with creative advertising photos. We also make the photographs available to you digitally, but of course you can also have your favorite pictures printed on metal Dibond in different sizes.


Hourly prices for business area

  • Photography exclusive image data €85/hr
  • Reportage/event photography including pictures €125/hr

Advertise with the right images

Professional images help you present yourself to new customers or employees online and on your social media channel. Show what makes you or your products unique. 

Our advertising photographers in Munich take care of the perfect light, aesthetic backgrounds and a relaxed atmosphere during the photo shoot. During post-production, your advertising photos are digitally edited and professionally retouched

Photogenika's advertising photographers can draw on many years of experience and know exactly how to get the perfect advertising photo. Our photographers in Munich will advise you on everything from the correct presentation of your product or service to the right light. Professional photographs make your products and your company appear high-quality and first-class.

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Details & Answers

all about your advertising photography

What is meant by advertising photography?

Advertising photography is a form of photography specifically designed to portray products, services or brands in an appealing light to attract the attention of potential customers and promote sales. She combines artistic elements with marketing strategies to create effective visual content.

Why is professional advertising photography important for my company?

Professional advertising photography plays a crucial role in a company's marketing mix. High-quality and engaging images can positively influence the perception of a brand, pique the interest of the target group and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

How does a promotional photo shoot work?

An advertising photo shoot usually begins with a detailed planning phase in which concepts, goals and the target group are defined. This is followed by production, where the actual photos are taken, taking light, composition and styles into account. Finally, the images are edited to optimize them for publication.

Do I receive full usage rights to the photos?

Yes, once the shoot has been completed and payment has been made, you will receive the rights to use the photos so that you can use them for marketing purposes, on your website or on social networks. The exact conditions are set out in the contract.

Can I bring my own ideas into the photo shoot?

Absolutely. The collaboration between customer and photographer is essential for the success of advertising photography. Your ideas, vision and understanding of your brand are important elements that should be incorporated into the shoot to achieve authentic and effective advertising images.

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