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Even experienced hobby photographers regularly despair when faced with the challenge of capturing the status of a company in aesthetic images during a trade fair. That is why it is particularly important for trade fair photography in Munich that you do not do without a professional trade fair photographer. Trade fair pictures are considered one of the top classes in the field of photography and are just as complex as architecture, event or real estate photographs.


Hourly prices for business area

  • Photography exclusive image data €85/hr
  • Reportage/event photography including pictures €125/hr

The attention to detail in trade fair photography

The right lighting also plays an essential role in trade fair photography, as there is usually only artificial light in the event halls. We not only attach great importance to the right equipment, but also to capturing every detail of your exhibition stand. Photogenika's trade fair photographers not only use your trade fair stand as a close-up shot as motifs, but also your employees, your individual products and all the small details of your stand. So we try to capture the entire atmosphere on site.

After the trade fair, we will also take care of professional image processing so that you can use the photos as high-quality advertising material. Regardless of whether you want to use them digitally for your social media channel later or include them in a customer presentation - you are guaranteed to score points with your future customers with professional images.

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Details & Answers

all about your trade fair photography

What does Photogenika’s trade fair photography service include?

Our trade fair photography service includes professional photographic support for your trade fair or exhibition. We capture important moments, exhibits, stand designs, interactions with visitors as well as special highlights and atmosphere of the event. This includes both documentary reporting and targeted recordings according to customer requirements.

Why should I book Photogenika to photograph my trade fair?

Photogenika brings a combination of experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology to ensure every aspect of your trade show is professionally captured. Our goal is not only to document, but also to reinforce the essence and success of your presence at the trade fair through impressive images.

How do I best prepare for trade fair photography?

Good preparation includes communicating your specific wishes and requirements to us at an early stage. Let us know what key moments or elements are particularly important, and if there are any specific events or presentations you would like highlighted. A detailed agenda helps us not to miss any important moment.


How far in advance should I book Photogenika?

We recommend contacting us as early as possible, ideally several months before the trade fair. This gives us enough time to discuss the details with you, plan the logistics and ensure we can treat your event as a top priority.

Can I use the images for marketing purposes?

Yes, the images created by Photogenika can be purchased with publishing rights so you can use them for marketing and communication purposes. This includes use on your website, social media, brochures or other promotional materials. The exact usage rights are specified in the contract.

How are the images handed over?

After the event, we edit the recordings professionally to ensure the best possible quality. The finished images are then made available to you digitally via a secure online gallery, from where you can easily access and download the images.

How can I ensure that all important aspects of my trade fair are recorded?

Close collaboration and communication between you and our team is key. Through prior arrangements and possibly an accompaniment or tour of your trade fair stand, we can ensure that all important aspects and highlights of your trade fair are recorded.

Does Photogenika also offer video services for trade fairs?

Yes, in addition to photography, we also offer professional video services to capture the dynamics and atmosphere of your trade fair even more comprehensively. For example, we create short highlight videos and also offer drone photos/videos.

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