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Company portrait and employee photos Munich

Company portrait and employee photos in Munich

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether on the Internet, on a business card or at a trade fair stand: professional and authentic employee photos create trust with potential customers. With the help of expressive employee photos or a high-quality business photo shoot, you can present your company and your employees in their everyday work environment. Potential customers, guests or clients have a face to face with your contact person and can build trust more quickly. But you can also assert yourself in comparison to the competition with creative employee photos and convince your customers. A successful team photo introduces your team and shows what makes your company special.


No matter whether it's an event, company portrait, employee photos, trade fair photography or architectural photos, we are the photographer for your project. Contact us and get competent advice. We will be happy to provide you with a precise offer upon request.

Hourly prices for business area

  • Photography exclusive image data €85/hr
  • Reportage/event photography including pictures €125/hr

Photoshoot packages

  • Big photoshoot 229 €

    approx. 50 selection pictures
    Three retouched image files including publishing rights **

    Several complete outfit changes, several background changes possible in the photo studio or in the surrounding area, image selection immediately afterwards or at a separate appointment, in black and white or in a color effect if desired, prints on photo paper if desired

  • Little photoshoot 139 €

    approx. 20 selection pictures
    Two retouched image files including publishing rights **

    In an outfit with variations (e.g. taking off a tie/blazer), a background change possible, possible in the photo studio or the surrounding area, image selection immediately afterwards, if desired in black and white or in a color effect

** Without legally required naming of the author in the picture, picture subtitle, imprint

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Photographer for employee and team photos in Munich 

There are many photographers in Munich who have specialized in employee pictures and company portraits. Employee photos are still a big challenge for many. Of course, most of the employees have no experience in front of the camera and feel uncomfortable during the shoot. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere for your employees so that they appear casual and natural in the pictures.

Thanks to their many years of experience, our photographers from Photogenika know exactly how to create a pleasant environment for your employees. In this way we ensure that your employees are really satisfied with their own picture. And we still have an ace up our sleeve: We professionally edit your photos and those of your employees. Minor skin imperfections and wrinkles disappear as if by magic.

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Details & Answers

all about your company portraits and employee photos

Professional photos ensure more success 

Good photos are particularly effective on company websites and on social media and can ensure the sustainable success of a company. But why should you actually do a professional photo shoot? Your customers or future employees can get an idea of your company thanks to beautiful and authentic employee photos. For example, if you include pictures of your employees or team photos on your website, this can bring up to 30 % more inquiries. 

However, so that the pictures do not have a deterrent effect, they should be taken by a professional photographer. We know exactly how to use the light correctly and how to set the scene for your employees. Many companies now rely on fast mobile phone photos and save the costs for a photographer. However, we advise against this. Photos taken with a mobile phone are usually blurred, blurred or poorly exposed. Our technical equipment is always up to date and our know-how helps us to get a high-quality picture of your employees. Awaken the trust of your customers and book a business photo shoot with Photogenika now. 

Our tips for a good photo shoot with your employees

Good preparation is the A&O for a business photo shoot. Before the photo shoot, think about what clothes you want your employees to wear. Of course, clothing and styling on your employees' business photos should match the general clothing style of the company. Nevertheless, it is important that there is not too much pressure beforehand. If there are dress codes in your company, you should e.g. B. by e-mail to point out in good time that these will also be observed on the day of the employee photo in Munich. In the creative area, you are also welcome to encourage your employees to style themselves individually and according to their own style for Business Photographs Munich. It is important that the people concerned feel comfortable in front of the camera and can act naturally. 

Enjoy discussions from your employees about the type of photo shoot! You must have great ideas about how you would like to present yourself and your company to the outside world. Basically, positive colors are always good. Black is serious, but it can also make you pale. Also be careful with bright colors, behind which the personality in the employee photo can easily fade into the background.

Another good tip is the reminder email before the photo shoot. So that no one misses the big day or forgets their outfit at home, you should definitely remind them of the upcoming appointment the day before the photo shoot by email or via your intranet. This will ensure a smooth process and hopefully there will be no surprises.

Increase your employer branding with authentic images

Social media have become an integral part of our society. A professional and authentic appearance is particularly important on Xing, LinkedIn and on your company website. This is exactly where you have the opportunity to stand out from the competition and present yourself as a good employer. Show potential applicants how you act as an entrepreneur and how much your employees are worth to you. A professional LinkedIn profile of your employees can also be beneficial for you as an employer. 

Let your employees use the new photos for your social networks and benefit from valuable contacts made by your employees. With an employee photo shoot you strengthen the external perception of your company. Of course, you can also use images for your career page on your website. But here, too, you should definitely wait for the written consent of your employees before publication.

We come to you - a photo shoot at your location

First of all, don't panic. A professional photo shoot initially causes discomfort for many employees. First reactions like "I'm not photogenic" or "I never look good in photos" are completely normal. Of course, your employees are not trained models. It therefore makes sense to create a relaxed setting for employee photography. Predetermined facial expressions such as “everyone has to show their teeth when laughing” can quickly lead to mood swings.

The best pictures and ideas often arise from the situation and when people are easygoing with one another. We make sure that you and your employees feel comfortable at the company photo shoot in Munich. We take the time to do justice to the wishes of everyone involved.

And best of all - we come to you. Our photographers will come to your company so that your employees can remain in their familiar surroundings. Your employees also get the opportunity to take pictures during their everyday tasks. This gives us the opportunity to take employee pictures in different poses and with different backgrounds. Of course, we can also do one business photo at the workplace and one in front of a neutral, white background. You can then use the finished images in the appropriate places for your online channels. 

DSGVO – data protection-compliant employee pictures

Data protection and the protection of general personal rights play a major role, especially if you want to use your employee photos on your website or elsewhere on the Internet. Before the photo shoot, find out exactly what rights your employees have and what the current GDPR regulations are. First and foremost, the question always arises, who actually has the right to their own image?

The right to one's own image also applies in the workplace. This means that the employer cannot simply publish photos of their employees. Without the written consent of the person depicted, you as an employer are otherwise violating the general right of personality.
In general, you may only publish pictures or videos of your employees if they have given their consent voluntarily and in writing. Before publication, you also have the obligation to inform your employees exactly where and in what context the recordings will be published. In addition, a notice must be given that your employees will not face any negative consequences if you refuse to give their consent.

3 golden rules for employee portraits in a group

The right time for the group picture

Finding the perfect moment for a group photo can be a difficult task, even for the most experienced photographer. It is best to take the team photo of the employees as early as possible. A group photo lightens the mood and also takes away the fear of the individual employee portraits from the colleagues.

Overcome fear of contact for team photos

If you want to make a good impression as a group or team in a photo, you should move as close together as possible and say goodbye to any fears of contact for the employee picture. If the distances between the people in the photo of the company portrait are too great, one does not perceive a group, but only individuals.

Choice of location for employee pictures

The location for the team photo should be chosen in advance and carefully to avoid unplanned and chaotic "herd migration". In principle, it doesn't matter whether the company portraits in Munich are taken on the premises of the office or in the great outdoors. The only important thing is that you have enough space to place all employees equally in the photo and to be able to put everyone in the right light.

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