Part 4: What accessories do I need for baby bump photos?

The date for your baby belly shoot is getting closer and suddenly you think: What do I actually have to bring with me and what do you already have in the studio? Of course, the individual touch should not be missing in your baby bump shoot, so small and large accessories are important. The options for realizing your photo shoot are as different as each pregnancy, regardless of whether you come to us alone or with your big brother/sister or your partner. From funny, to cosy, homely, gentle and gloomy to dynamic, fashionable and bright, everything is there.

What do you actually have in the studio for accessories for maternity photos?

On the one hand, we start with our "all-rounder": our fan. This not only blows your hair wonderfully for the photo, but also cools down the heat that many pregnant women suffer from. He also creates a great atmosphere and lots of fun. It is very popular not only with all pregnant women, but also with partners, children and the whole family, as it miraculously always radiates a good mood.

Our baby belly dresses are also small all-rounders among the garments. Form-fitting yet elegant, they are versatile and accentuate the tummy with excellence. They flatter every figure and can be worn with or without underwear. The long trains are also great to throw in the air (this is where our fan comes into play again) and photograph beautiful and delicate shapes. For this we also have some light towels in the studio, which flatter your body just as well and don't look quite so pompous in the baby bump shoot.

We also have a small heart chart in the studio, which is very popular with any existing siblings. They hold them with great pride during the baby bump shoot, as they are also given an important task. Small messages fit on this board, the name of your little darling or your pregnancy week. This can also be used for photos with the family.

Another possibility for baby bump photos would be our ever popular soap bubbles. They are a little "classic" among them Baby bump photos, but always nice to look at and unbeatable in their effect against a black background.

Didn't find what you were looking for yet? Of course you can also bring your own clothes and accessories to your baby bump shoot. Need some inspiration? Then just keep reading.

Baby bump photos – what should I bring for my baby bump shoot?

Baby booties and socks are not only perfectly personal, we can also include them fabulously in the picture at the baby photo shoot. Here we can drape the shoes on your stomach, the future father can let the socks wander over your stomach or you hold them right next to your baby ball.

The last ultrasound picture was fantastic and you can see your little darling wonderfully on it? Then feel free to bring it with you to the shooting, so your child is not just "incognito" in the picture.

You have already bought the first body for your sweetheart, the proud grandma has already knitted something or the proud aunt/uncle gave you a small cuddly toy? We can integrate these wonderfully into your beautiful photos and then bring them into the newborn shoot just as well hidden or obviously. A nice idea is also a pacifier chain with your baby's name, the first letter as a large wooden letter, or small Scrabble stones.

When it comes to jewelry, you can be more subtle or pompous, depending on your taste. If you prefer it natural, small, delicate chains or significant jewelery such as an engagement or wedding ring are always a good choice. You should choose statement chains or pompous jewelery if you also have an elaborate outfit and you want your picture to look a little more extravagant.

Flower wreaths for your hair or a bouquet with your favorite flowers are of course also a welcome accessory Baby bump photos Munich. Both look very soft and feminine. The only thing to note here is that the flowers should be pastel, not too colorful or lush. After all, they should make your stomach shine and not outshine it.

Balloons always look wonderful in the picture and can also emphasize the gender of your baby through various colors or appear neutral. They directly bring a little more joy into the picture, as we associate balloons with many beautiful and celebratory memories.

You are welcome to bring a bit of body lotion or skin cream with you to the studio, with these you can ban small messages or your baby's name on your skin.

Of course, there are no limits to the ideas and you can bring whatever you like best and what feels right for you on baby bump photos. Are you still unsure about your outfit or your lingerie? Then you can find more tips and tricks in our blog post “Baby bump photos – what are you actually wearing there?”

The next blog post is about Part 5: Baby bump photos - tips and tricks.

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