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Pictures on different photo paper

Your photos on a wide variety of materials

Fine Prints

Our fine prints offer a very good alternative to traditional images on photographic paper. 

With this, your pictures on high-quality, thick photo paper are shown in a special light. 

We offer the prints in several different types of paper - you simply have to hold them in your hands and "feel" them. 

Images on Indigo Prints photographic paper
Fine print 13 x 18 cm Prices
Image on thick, high-quality photo paper including a file 30 €
each additional image on photo paper of an already purchased image 5 €

* Minimum order quantity 6 pieces

photo box

The Photobox is the perfect place to keep your precious pictures on photo paper in a safe place.

You can customize the box with one of your own pictures and it can store over 70 pictures.

Thus, the photo box can grow with the number of your photo shoots and gradually be filled with more pictures.

photo box Price
exclusive pictures 49 €

Mens frame

The Mensam frame is an original picture frame that allows you to display photos and easily change the order in which they are displayed. This wonderful piece of decoration becomes a "completely new" frame with every change.

The picture frame is available in sizes 18 x 13 and other sizes to order and can accommodate up to 50 fine prints.

The Mensam frame is manufactured in 3cm thick natural, oak and black wood with two 4mm thick acrylic panels.

An elegant picture frame ideal for storing and displaying pictures.

Mens frame Price
exclusive pictures 29 €

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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