Part 6: Procedure for the perfect baby bump photo shoot

You have decided that your baby bump and thus a unique time in your life should be captured in a photo, but this is all completely new for you and you would like to know how such a one Baby bump shoot expires? Then we can help you today, because we will explain step by step what to expect and how long it will take until you can hold the professional photos of your unique baby bump and pregnancy in your hands.

Of the first contact with us usually takes place on the phone, by e-mail or in person in one of our photo studios. You can have a look at a few photos on our website in advance to see whether we meet your taste and, of course, browse through any portals for inspiration. If you us photographers If you can directly show a few pictures that you like, we'll get an idea of what style you want for the baby belly shoot. Would you like your partner, siblings or grandparents to be in the picture too? Do you prefer to be photographed indoors or outdoors? Would you like professional make-up for your photo shoot? Of course, we would be happy to advise you which of our packages is best for you and will answer any questions you may have. Only then will we make an appointment for a baby belly shoot with you. Maybe ours will come too Baby Pass is an option for you, then we can find a date for a shoot with your newborn directly, so that we get the ideal time there.

the preparation The photo shoot on your baby bump is best done the evening before, so you save yourself the stress in the morning and can go to sleep without worrying about forgetting anything. A few favorite outfits from your pregnancy, accessories and a small snack can end up in your bag. You can also pack a few personal items from the baby, such as a cuddly toy, a pacifier, baby shoes or a small toy. If you want your partner or your children to be part of the shooting, of course, pack your clothes as well. Beforehand you can also think about which music you like when taking photos and which could relax you. As far as possible, we are happy to activate our Bluetooth box with the music of your choice for you and thus ensure a relaxed atmosphere. On the morning of your photo session, it is best to wrap yourself in a loose outfit to avoid pressure points and avoid tight clothing.

As soon as you have arrived at our photo studio at the agreed time, we will take you for a meeting in the studio Time. There we clarify all important questions regarding your wishes and ideas, clothing and background. Here we also discuss whether you would rather be photographed in a complete outfit or in lingerie, which accessories go best with your outfit and the background and give you tips on how your photos will be beautiful. In the studio we can also consider working with studio light or (if possible) with natural light. We're always open to ideas and requests for a photo shoot, so don't be afraid to share yours with us. We always find a beautiful and creative way to implement your ideas and create beautiful photos.

And then it starts with that pregnancy shoot. If you wish for this type of photos, we will start with the pictures in lingerie so that we can successfully avoid any pressure points and photograph great memories without the imprint of your jeans. After that we can playfully switch between the clothes, accessories and backgrounds and take a lot of time for you and your perfect belly. Different light settings also help us to always create different scenarios for you and to put unloved places in the shade. We can also activate the previously mentioned music for you, so that you can feel yourself in the Baby bump photo shoot feel even better. Details are also very important to us, so we have a special eye on your complete appearance. If a stubborn strand of hair can't be tamed, we'll quickly grab a brush and hairspray and pluck your outfit until it's finally where we want it to be for your perfect baby bump photos.

Of course we will also help you with the posing and give you tips on how you can look even better in the photos. Of course, special attention is paid to your facial expression, because ideally it should be just as relaxed as you are. The more relaxed the shoot feels to you, the better. The complete opposite is true here for the poses, as they often look best when you're asking yourself “is this supposed to look good?!” Trust us photographers, we all have a lot of experience in photography and you will look fantastic. We always like to try lots of different poses with you during your photo shoot. It doesn't matter whether you're sitting, lying, standing, running, laughing, calm or beaming - it should suit you. Of course, we know that many pregnant women are no longer quite as flexible and would of course never let you take poses that are uncomfortable or too strenuous for you.

Yours choose pictures you can about 3-4 weeks after your photo shoot. It's important to us that you see your photos in their final state and don't have to keep asking yourself whether the protruding hair will still be visible later. Therefore, we select your photos in advance and edit each one professionally in advance. If you then visit us at your selection appointment, we can present you with your edited baby bump photos on wonderful, high-quality paper and you can start selecting right away. Depending on which package you have booked in advance, some pictures are already included in the package, but you can still different image packs and book favorite packages.

With us, you will receive each of your selected digital images in four filters including black and white, so you don't have to choose just one. Of course, we also plan a lot of time for you to choose and are always at your side with advice and action. We will also discuss with you any other wishes you may have and the other options (your picture as a mural, Photo Albums, thank you cards and much more). We save your image selection on a high-quality stick and pack your prints stylishly for the journey home.

If you choose our Baby Pass Once you have decided, we should now make an appointment for your newborn shoot at the latest. In this way we ensure that we get the best time and that we don't miss this special moment, otherwise we might have problems finding a suitable date later. As a new mom shortly after giving birth, you probably have other things on your mind in the first few days than calling us to make an appointment, and the best time for a newborn photo shoot is in the first 12 days of life.

Then there is really only one point left in our process and that is to let you go home with your wonderful memories and look forward to the next time.

Do you have any questions about Pregnancy photo shoot, prices or would you like to make an appointment in our photo studio? You can reach us by phone during our opening hours and by e-mail around the clock.

The next blog post is about Part 7: Diverse outdoor baby bump photos.

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