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Levendelfeld photo shoot
Christmas photo shoot

Hotel photo shoot

with special charm in a design hotel

Cherry blossom photo shoot

Photos that celebrate spring

Mother's Day photo shoot

A slightly different gift for Mother's Day

Lavender field shoot

Summery flair with purple lavender flowers

Late summer photo shoot

Colorful fun for young and old

For Christmas

with celebratory photo sets and great gift ideas


Photo shooting actions in Munich

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Discover our exciting seasonal photo shooting promotions in and around Munich! If a Touch of luxury, spring feelings, Mother's Day gift, violet in the lavender field, golden summer fun or festive mood– at Photogenika you will find the perfect shoot for every season.

Our promotional shoots for 39 euros are short and sweet photo shoots. This creates images that are just as varied and fresh as ours regular shoots (small, medium, large). Just not quite as many.

Promotional prices: starting at just 39 euros* per shoot!

* cannot be combined with other offers or discount campaigns

Experience a hotel photo shoot full of elegance and style in a luxurious hotel room. This hotel room shoot is not only suitable for boudoir and nude photos, but also for stylish portraits. We create an atmosphere that highlights your individual beauty and personality.

When where: several times a year, right in the center

For example for: Boudoir, nude/lingerie, portrait, couples

Price: from 179 €

Cherry blossom photo shoot

The spring outdoor shoot

As soon as the cherry trees are in bloom, we offer a romantic photo shoot under the blooming cherry blossoms. Ideal for dreamy couple or family photos as well as enchanting portraits in the midst of spring splendor.

When where: Mid-April as soon as the cherry trees bloom, either on 05. & 06.04. or on 12. & 13.04.2024, near our photo studio in Westend

For example for: Romantic couple shoots, portraits, children/family photos

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

Mother's Day photo shoot

As a special gift

Surprise your loved ones with a special gift: pictures from a photo shoot for Mother's Day on May 12, 2024. Whether it's happy family photos, sweet children's portraits or a relaxing solo shoot for mom - we ensure lasting memories.

When where: Shortly before Mother's Day, 26 & 27.04.2024, in our two photo studios

For example for: Mother-child, father-child, families, solo portraits for mothers

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

After the lively kindergarten photos, would you like a few fresh family photos? Then take this opportunity and book a family photo shoot. We offer you varied and modern family photography on six dates.

When where: at the beginning of June, July and August, in our two photo studios

For example for: Families, with mother-child, father-child, siblings, solo portraits

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

Lavender field photoshoot

with French flair

When the lavender blooms in mid-July, we invite you to join us on a summery late afternoon excursion. Through Its characteristic violet color creates unique images of you in lavender. In this special photo shoot in the lavender field you can feel very close to Provence and summer.

When where: Mid-July, 22.06.2024, just under an hour east of the city

For example for: Solo portraits, couples, families, siblings, mother & child

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

2024: Harvested on 12 July, previously closed due to too much rain, so date rather late June than early July

Our Late summer shoot uses the bright colors of the season for lively and warm shots. Perfect for families, children, romantic couple photos or individual portraits in the golden season.

When where: End of the summer holidays/beginning of September, 06.09.2024, in Freimann in the north of Munich

For example for: Families, children, couples, portraits

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

Back to school photo shoot

for proud first graders

Our back-to-school shoot is not only intended for new school children with their new school bag, but also for siblings or the whole family. This way, new family photos can be taken for school enrollment.

When where: Mid-September, at the start of school, 09. & 10.09.2024, in our two photo studios

For example for: School children, siblings and families

Promotional price: 39 €

regular shoots: This action is also called regular shooting (small, medium, large) possible.

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Christmas. Our Christmas photo shoot features festive decorations and a homey atmosphere, ideal for families, couples or individuals who want to make the holidays a special memory. You will receive the photos in time for the festival. Ideal as a Christmas present!

When where: Mid/end of November, 15, 16, 17 and 24.11.2024, in our photo studios, Eching and Oberföhring

For example for: Children, families, couples, portraits

Price: 89 €

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Our photo shoot campaigns are very popular and book up quickly. If these are currently not available for booking, you will be the first to know by registering as soon as bookings are possible again!

Select your desired shooting (or more than one) and put yourself on our waiting list without obligation. We will inform you by email as soon as bookings for the desired shoot are possible.

Registration does not apply to our separate newsletter and is completely non-binding. After we have contacted you once, you will not receive any further messages from us.

Which gifts can I order from my pictures?

You can use the images from your promotional shoot to order beautiful and personal gifts from us. Your loved ones will definitely be happy about this. We would recommend these photo products for our photo shooting campaigns. You can find all of our gift ideas here.

photo album

photo album

Your beautiful studio album They are delivered in a beautiful wooden box. This has a compartment for inserting a data stick with the digital images of your hotel shoot. This means you can use your favorite images from the photo album digitally and online at any time.

From the material to the embossing to the color, there are various ways to customize the album and the box.

Matted Folio Triplex

Matted Folio Triplex

With the adjustable one Matted Folio Triplex You can display three pictures, whether on the desk, on a dresser or in the bedroom. Inside raises a Passepartout makes the pictures particularly stand out.

wood block on the front side

Wood Block

the Wood Blocks are small wooden blocks to set up. The images on the wood are covered with a protective lamination. The Wood Blocks are an eye-catcher in every room with your personal events and moments.

Details & Answers

about our ACTION photo shoots in Munich

How much do the action shoots cost and what do I get for them?

Our photo shooting promotions for 39 euros include a short and snappy photo shooting of 15 minutes. Images you purchase will be charged additionally. For other photoshooting activities, one or more pictures are included. In the respective descriptions of the shooting you will find the exact details, if pictures are included. You are also welcome to use our regular shootings to have more time for photography.

When do the special promotional photo shoots take place?

You can find the exact dates for our special promotional photo shoots above. If there is no current date yet, we recommend that you join our waiting list to receive current information and announcements directly by email.

Is registration for the waiting list binding?

Registering for our waiting lists is completely non-binding. This gives you the opportunity to be the first to be informed about new dates and offers, without any obligation. You can also unsubscribe at any time. You will only receive a message once and are not automatically subscribed to our newsletter.

How can I book the shoots?

As soon as the dates are set, we will inform everyone interested by email. You can then book the photo shoot directly. It is also possible to purchase the shoots as vouchers and give them away. You are welcome to book our regular shootings for one of the topics or dates in order to have more time for photography.

What photo products will I receive after the shoot?

For the 39 Euro photoshoots, no photo is included in the price. For other photoshoots, one or more photos are included. You will find the exact details in the descriptions of the respective shoots, if photos are included. More pictures You are welcome to order additionally. Our You can find photo products and gift ideas here. With every image you purchase, you will receive a digital file and an image on photo paper in 13 x 18 cm format.

Will all images be the same? Can we choose different sets or backgrounds?

No, all images do not have to be the same. We offer a variety of sets and backgrounds both in our studios and for outdoor shoots. We are flexible and adapt to your wishes to create the ideal backdrop for every shot.

Didn't find the right photo shoot for you?

No problem! Book your individual photo shoot with Photogenika. We are open to your creative ideas and wishes.

As inspiration:

  • Family and children's photo shoots:
    We offer Familys- and Children's photo shoots in our studios or at your home. With the photogenic card We document your child's development for three years.
  • Photo shoot for bachelorette parties: Ideal for an unforgettable bachelorette party. We offer group photo shoots with the option of professional make-up and hair styling.
  • Fashion and beauty shoot: Put yourself in the spotlight with our fashion and beauty shoots. Also suitable for social media. Benefit from our cooperation with make-up and hairstyling.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and ideas.

We look forward to you!

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to address all your concerns and ensure your photoshoot experience is perfect.

Tina Rieger-Gudehus
& your Photogenika team

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