We capture the first moments and months of your child in beautiful baby photos

Baby photo shoot and newborn photos Munich

Baby photos are some of the cutest and most challenging images a professional photographer can produce. After all, the little ones should look like angels - sleeping peacefully, a slight smile on their lips, sweet as sugar and completely relaxed. With a lot of patience, calm, empathy and sensitivity we create these beautiful pictures. For a baby photo shoot, we work with different backgrounds and props such as skins, towels, blankets, baskets, hats and hair bands to create the right atmosphere. This is how we put your baby - or your twins, triplets, quadruplets and siblings - in the limelight.

This is how baby photo shoots and newborn photos work at Photogenika in Munich

At Photogenika, we also photograph your newborn babies as they are: curious, kind, extraordinary. Very special pictures are created when the babies are no older than 14 days old. Because this is how we capture these first tender moments and the start in life for you with the camera. Whether it's a newborn or a six-month-old baby, we capture children's unique personalities from an early age. So that you and your baby feel completely comfortable, you also have the choice when it comes to baby photos: visit us for a baby photo shoot in Munich in one of our studios or choose a shoot for baby photography in your own four walls. We only offer newborn photography in our photo studio in the Westend.

Authentic and sometimes funny baby photos: Our baby photo shoot in Munich

Whether it's a funny baby photo, artistic pictures or tender moments - we would be happy to advise you on the options for choosing a motif for your baby photos and ensure harmonious and coherent pictures at all times. If you would like to have your child's development photographed at regular intervals, we would be happy to inform you about ours Baby Pass and Child Pass. So you can regularly arrange shootings for your child at a fixed price. That way no memory is lost.

Inspiration for the first baby photoshoot


Your ideas, series, selection

Photogenics is different. We don't just pull the trigger. We take you by the hand, respond to you with great sensitivity and are there for you from the preparation to the joint selection of pictures. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with every photo shoot - this is how we create authentically beautiful pictures.

your ideas

Bring in your own ideas! Our photographers look forward to your wishes.

The preparation

Our tips for an optimal photo shoot preparation will be sent to you by e-mail.

The photoshoot

We create a series of images from which you can select the best images.

The retouch

All photographs are post-processed by us. For a natural, perfect result.

your choice of pictures

We present your pictures to you, advise you and make the selection together.

your photo product

You will receive your pictures in print & digital, as a photo album, framed wall picture or on canvas.


Baby photoshoot prices

With us you know exactly what you get for your money. Here you will find all prices for baby photos in our Munich photo studios.

duration in the studio maximum 120 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
6 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

299 €

Suitable for portrait, newborn, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio maximum 60 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
3 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

199 €

Suitable for portrait, family, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio max. 30 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
1 retouched image as a file and on photographic paper
Only in the photo studio

99 €

Suitable for portraits, children from 6 months and up to 2 people

Make-up (individual type advice, hair styling & make-up per person) please inquire directly
Save all (unpurchased) image files for later re-orders 10 €
On-site photo shoot / flat-rate travel charge up to 50 km from our photo studios 95 €

Would you like to have more pictures after your photo shoot? We offer you your pictures not only individually, but also in Packages of 6 – 42 images. All price advantages of our picture packages can be found here.

How present your pictures after the photoshoot? Let our albums, murals and gifts inspire.

More information and offers for your baby photo shoot

Baby pass: because all good things come in threes

Three consecutive photo shoots - and we'll give you the first shoot for free! Photogenika's baby pass allows you to remember your pregnancy and the exciting time immediately after the birth of your baby in detail. We accompany you with the help of our photography on the exciting journey around the birth of your child.

Further information

Regular family photo shoots with the Photogenika children’s pass​

Over a period of three years, the children's pass allows you to have up to four dates for children's photo shoots per year. In addition, we offer you a 50 € discount on each additional shooting and our photo albums. This allows you to record the changes in your family over the years.

Further information

Photo Studio Munich – Baby big

It is often easiest to have the babies photographed in the photo studio in Munich. You don't have to worry about much, we are independent of wind and weather and have all the equipment and props ready for beautiful baby photography in Munich. Of course, a photo shoot in the garden or in your own four walls also has its special appeal. We would be happy to come to your home with our mobile photo equipment. Whether we photograph your baby alone, you are in the baby pictures or we photograph the whole family with the new family member (more about family photo shoot) is up to you. We are pleased to meet you!

Tips & tricks to prepare for a newborn photo shoot:

  • Pay attention to your newborn's "habits". We will find a suitable date.
  • Newborns should be full and freshly swaddled at the time of the shoot so they are relaxed and content.
  • Blankets, rompers, hats or other accessories should be colour-coordinated. If you want to be in the photo yourself, you should also match the color of your clothes.
  • The most important thing: relax with us! With your familiar closeness and voice, flashing lights and the "new" situation for a newborn quickly become nothing spectacular.
  • If you come to our photo studios in the Westend for the newborn shoot, we will be happy to discuss with you in advance what props you can bring and what we have there.

Tips & tricks to prepare for baby photos

Taking baby photos is easier once your baby sleeps less and moves more on their own. The baby photo shoot can also be designed in a variety of ways. The babies are already reacting to voices and are also clearly aware of their surroundings – and thus also of the flashlight. We therefore recommend planning a long nap before the shoot for baby photos, regardless of the location. Otherwise, the unfamiliar situation and the flashing light can lead to restlessness and tiredness in your baby.

In order to get babies used to the situation better, favorite toys, cuddly toys or a football also help. The best pictures are taken when your baby is comfortable and therefore relaxed. In this way, our photographers can create sweet and funny baby photos that show your baby as it is. We want to let your baby be authentic.