Part 7: Diverse outdoor baby bump photos

If you type “bump photo” into your search engine of choice, you will get endless photos, ideas and styles on how to capture your pregnancy in a baby bump photo shoot. Most of these show rather Baby bump picturesthat were created in the photo studio, which is why many of our customers do not know at the beginning that there are various other options for a photo shoot. Have you ever thought about having your beautiful baby bump photographed outdoors? In this article, I will tell you what that should look like and what advantages an outdoor baby bump shoot has.

Although photos from a shoot in the studio can appear wonderfully individual and natural, there is hardly a photo studio that can offer as much naturalness as nature itself. Shooting outdoors means that every photographer has endless possibilities in front of their nose in terms of background, "accessories" and styles. The photos immediately seem much more detached and candid when you can move freely without being tied to a fixed point, when you can enjoy nature and just take a deep breath.

If you already have children, they can romp around and work off some energy during a short break, while you can concentrate fully on yourself and your baby in the photo shoot. In addition, posing becomes more and more difficult at the end of pregnancy. Outside we can simply take pictures of you and your partner walking, dancing, cuddling or running. Leaning or sitting photos are also an option for an outdoor shoot. There are no limits to the possibilities of professionally capturing your stomach in pictures.

You decide whether you want to be photographed near our studio, at your home or somewhere else. Maybe you already have a very special place in mind? Maybe your "Happy Place", the place of your engagement / wedding or maybe just your favorite location in Munich. You decide what should serve as the background in your picture and that can be anything. From lakes, fields, parks, flower meadows, mountains to urban graffiti, brick walls or your neighborhood, everything is possible. Even if you have already chosen a location for the newborn pictures of your little miracle while you are pregnant, we can connect the baby bump and the baby there.

Incidentally, you can also enjoy a quiet moment for yourself, which you can certainly use so shortly before the birth of your baby. Plus, you keep track of the seasons right on the Baby bump photos determine whether your baby is a spring, summer, autumn or winter baby. It is entirely up to you how we stage the baby bump in your outdoor photo shoot. Whether in spring with a wreath of flowers in your hair between cherry blossoms and with spring-like make-up, in summer a boho-look photo shoot by the lake (and maybe even with your baby bump in the water), in autumn with tight clothing, an oversized scarf and a thick cardigan or in winter , with a wonderfully wrapped baby bump in the snow. Whether with a partner / man or without is entirely up to you, although many expectant mothers feel a little more relaxed during their baby bump shoot with accompaniment.

Of course, every season has its advantages. Everything sprout in spring, fresh blossoms and leaves can be found everywhere and the whole area seems to blossom with a pastel glow, which is also reflected in the picture. In summer it stays light for a long time, which is why photo shoots are also possible in the evening, it is cozy and warm and the natural colors are wrapped in a beautiful yellowish light.

It is colorful and at the same time romantic in autumn with the many colorful leaves on the ground and on the branches. Autumn is also particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset in the photo. Winter, on the other hand, shows us large snowflakes, pastel colors and wonderful landscapes. No matter what time of year a baby bump shoot takes place, it is always something very special and you choose the best time.

Do you still need tips for the ideal time or do you have questions about the date, the prices or your outfit for baby bump pictures? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email so we can plan the perfect baby bump shoot with you.

The next blog post is about Part 8: Baby bump photo shoot with the 2nd or 3rd baby?

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