photo box

Photo packages

Real pictures to hold in your hand and always enjoy

Free: From 15 picture packages

Photo box and highlight video free if you choose at least a 15-picture package.

Photo product voucher

If you decide to choose pictures together in the studio, you will receive a voucher for a photo product of your choice

High-quality photo albums

Your pictures are nobly preserved in a matching photo album.

Image Packs

Images and image packages


How do you want to present your pictures, pass them on to your children or show them to your grandchildren?

Files of images are not a finished product in our opinion. After all, a precious diamond is not presented uncut and without a setting. Your pictures look best on high-quality photo paper, in precious albums or as pictures on the wall.

Also think about gifts for the upcoming festivities. The next birthday and also Christmas will definitely come.

We recommend photo albums!

We often get reports that our customers don't have time to design a picture album themselves. After your photo shoot and choosing pictures together, you can do everything right this time. Trust us and let us create a beautiful album.

So you can take home all your favorite photos from your photo shoot in a photo album.

Our thanks

When you come to the studio to select pictures, you will receive a discount voucher for a high-quality photo product

After your photo shoot, we will be happy to select your favorite images together in our photo studio. An image always contains a file and an image on photo paper for each motif and you choose how many images you want to have digitally and as an image on photo paper.

All of your photos will be professionally retouched and elaborately digitally reworked by Photogenika.

Her Images On Photographic Paper Available in size 13 x 18 cm.

Tip: From the 15 pack you don't just get yours highlight video as a gift, but also an elegant photo box to store your pictures.

If you come to our studio to choose pictures together, we will offer you a small thank you Voucher for our photo products This is included in the larger image packages and you can redeem it directly for your very own personal photo product.

We are always happy when we have our customers' pictures in an individual one studio album or on an extraordinary one WoodCollage see you again. You can also redeem your voucher for any other mural, a wood block or various picture frames.

Your advantage: Get ours high quality photo product with a small discount.


At Photogenika you always get one file and one image on photo paper in 13×18 cm* for each image.

image count Price Incl. highlight video** Incl. photo box including voucher***
for Photo Products
30 pack 349 € 50 €
15 pack 249 €​ 25 €
5 pack 129 €
1 picture €30​
image count Prices
30 pack
Incl. highlight video**
Incl. photo box
349 €
15 pack
Incl. highlight video**
Incl. photo box
249 €​
5 pack 129 €
1 picture €30​

* You will receive the image data for private use and for social networks.
If you wish to have it published, the assignment of the rights (without the legally required naming of the author in the picture, picture subtitles, imprint) costs 25 € per picture.

**The video contains all of your purchased images. It is included in the image packages listed above.

*** Valid until two weeks after selecting the images. Only one of these vouchers can be redeemed per picture selection if you come to our studio to choose pictures personally. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Not payable in cash.

1. Book a photo shoot

You arrange your photo shoot with us. We would be happy to advise you on this and show you what you can do with your pictures afterwards.

2. Choose pictures together

Here you select your images. We would also be happy to help you choose the right photo products for you or your loved ones.

3. Enjoy for a long time

Enjoy your new photo album or mural every day. Or share your joy and give your loved ones some attention.

play video

highlight video

Your photo shoot was an experience. With the highlight video You can recall your time with us from the comfort of your sofa with the pictures you have bought. Don't just scroll through your image files. A lovingly compiled video with musical accompaniment can be yours emotions tease out again and again. You can also present your new photos to friends and families in an entertaining way with the highlight video.

highlight video Price
The video contains all your purchased high resolution images.​ 49 €

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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