Part 2: Why do you take baby bump photos?

A few of our pregnant women who are with us Baby bump shoot who had booked told us that at first they had hesitated a bit about having baby bump photos taken professionally. On the one hand, because they have often asked themselves whether it is even worth having their growing belly captured in photos in the studio, after all you have a partner at home and every smartphone now has a halfway acceptable camera. Do you feel the same? If you have a few minutes, we have a few tips and thoughts for you as to why it is still worth making an appointment for your baby bump shoot and daring to go to the photo studio.

"Every baby bump is the same, why should you take photos there, that's totally interchangeable and there aren't that many creative ideas there either!" We've heard this sentence more often from expectant parents or family members and we can only deny it. We've had plenty of baby bumps in our careers as photographers seen and can definitely confirm that every baby bump shoot is very individual and just as perfect.

On the one hand, there are so many wonderfully different shapes of baby bumps (you can find almost everything here, from narrow and pointed to spherical), on the other hand, a unique and lively person lives in this belly and directly under your heart, who makes your pregnancy all the more special and makes you so happy as a mom-to-be. Your baby will turn you into a proud mom when it is born, which means that pregnancy is not a permanent condition. The body is constantly changing, creating new life, your stomach is growing, your clothes are getting tighter and the last few weeks are quickly approaching. Some new mums then tell us at the baby photo shoot that they missed the point in time and are angry that they didn't capture this special time in their life with baby bump photos, because this is now missing in the story of their baby and can no longer be made up for .

To make your pregnancy photos even more personal and creative, there are some tips and great ideas. It is entirely up to you and your taste how you want to design it. For example, different outfits can provide a personal touch, or your little darling's first cuddly toy in the foreground or background can be integrated into your beautiful photos as a small accessory. Some pregnant women therefore also want a photo shoot at home or an outdoor photo shoot in a very special place. With different colors, your outfit, your make-up and accessories, you can create your very own picture look and create beautiful personal memories together with us.

Every pregnancy is something very special and always a new challenge, even for "experienced" mothers-to-be who already have children, which is associated with many moments of happiness. It is therefore worth having the baby bump photographed again with every new child, as the bump will look completely different again and you will of course associate your very special moments in pregnancy with every new child. So you can feel back to the time when your little miracle is already in the world and you wonder how big your baby ball used to be and how your little darling could have fit in there. Many of our customers who visited us for a shoot confirmed afterwards that it is wonderfully surprising for them to see their belly again after pregnancy, because you forget how big it used to be.

Your child will also be very happy later to see the photos of you while it was still in the stomach, because it is also so interesting for the children to see that they were theoretically already there at the shooting.

None of our moms-to-be have ever regretted choosing Babybach photos. On the contrary, tears of joy often flow when looking at these memories.

Have you already thought about what should happen to your great photos after the photo shoot? For example, to send to all relatives and friends to inform them about the current status of the size of your belly or to add a nice picture directly to the baby card to print? One would also be recommended photo album filled with your pictures of your baby's entire development, from tummy to first birthday.

Appropriately, we offer one Baby Pass at a preferential price, in which a baby belly, newborn and family photo shoot are included. We even give you a free photo shoot. You are also welcome to use our baby pass inform.

The next blog post is about Part 3: The outfit is essential for a baby bump shoot.

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