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Nude photos Munich
Nude Munich
Nudes for couples
Nude photos Munich

Pure aesthetics: nude photography

Discover the beauty of the body through professional and sensitive nude photographs

Safe and discreet

We guarantee you a trusting atmosphere for personal and discreet photo shoots

Also for couples: your body, your art

Tell your own story with unique nude photos

Elegance in every detail

Experience the subtle power of aesthetic nude portraits, created with respect, artistic understanding and attention to detail

nude photography

Nude photos in Munich

Erotic nudes - beautiful, bold, sensual and professional

If you choose nude photography and nude photos at Photogenika, you have one virtue for sure: courage! In Old High German, "courage" means meaning, soul, spirit, mind, power of thinking, feeling and willing. With nude photos you can express exactly that. Nude photos are aesthetic when they show sensuality in a sensitive way. It is important that there is a relationship of trust between us and you so that you can open up and feel comfortable in your body in front of us; This is the only way for the nudes to be relaxed and radiate what their goal is: pure eroticism.

Your ideas, series, selection

Photogenics is different. We don't just pull the trigger. We take you by the hand, respond to you with great sensitivity and are there for you from the preparation to the joint selection of pictures. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with every photo shoot - this is how we create authentically beautiful pictures.

your ideas

Bring in your own ideas! Our photographers look forward to your wishes.

The preparation

Our tips for an optimal photo shoot preparation will be sent to you by e-mail.

The photoshoot

We create a series of images from which you can select the best images.

The retouch

All photographs are post-processed by us. For a natural, perfect result.

your choice of pictures

We present your pictures to you, advise you and make the selection together.

your photo product

You will receive your pictures in print & digital, as a photo album, framed wall picture or on canvas.


  • Big photoshoot 179 €

    120 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot in the photo studio and in the surrounding area possible

    Suitable for portrait, newborn, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

  • Medium photoshoot 139 €

    60 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot in the photo studio and in the surrounding area possible

    suitable for portrait, family, nude/lingerie and baby bump photography

  • Little photoshoot 89 €

    30 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot only in the photo studio

    suitable for portrait, children from 6 months and up to 2 people

Safe nude photos Munich

Trust in your nude photo shoot in Munich as the basis for erotic nude photos

We support you in exploring your ideas and implementing them in an aesthetic and sensitive way in an erotic nude photo in Munich. We welcome you in the pleasant atmosphere of our photo studio in Munich and guarantee you the utmost discretion and trusting cooperation. 

Our photo studio in Munich is well heated at all times, so that you don't have to freeze without or with only scant clothing. It is particularly important to our photographers that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and in the cozy atmosphere of our photo studio, because this is the only way you can pose freely and freely in front of the camera and put your body in the limelight during your shoot. 

Our nude photographer Munich is optimally trained and has an eye for your special features and advantages and knows how to put them in the foreground. Your wishes are the focus of your nude photos and our experience helps to prepare you for this exciting experience of erotic photography in Munich. 

Book an appointment now.

Book an appointment for your photo shoot now. Whether it’s quick passport photos or an extensive wedding – we’re happy to be there for you.

Yours, Tina Rieger-Gudehus

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The shooting in one of our studios in Munich or in the hotel

In our photo studio at the Ostbahnhof, we offer classic nude photography and aesthetic lingerie photos exclusively with studio light. In the photo studio in the Westend we also have the opportunity to work with very flattering daylight. So we can also photograph lingerie and boudoir photos in this style. In addition, we have a spacious staircase and an enchanted attic in our old building.

Nude photos, lingerie pictures or boudoir photography are always something very special. That's why it's a good idea to rent a nice hotel room for the photo shoot. We would be happy to take care of that for you. If you are interested in one Nude shooting, lingerie photos or a boudoir photo shoot in the hotel Then please use our waiting list for one of the upcoming hotel shoots.

Details & Answers

about our nude photography

What is special about nude photography at Photogenika?

Nude photography is an art form that creates sensual, beautiful and aesthetic images. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable during the photo shoot and for your individuality and beauty to be expressed.

How does Photogenika ensure a feel-good atmosphere during a nude photo shoot?

We attach great importance to discretion and a relaxed atmosphere. Our photographers specialize in nude photography for women and there are no men in our studio during the shoot. This creates an environment in which you can develop freely.

Are there any tips for preparing for a nude photo shoot?

Yes, we recommend choosing lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your choice of makeup and hairstyle can also help you feel complete and ready for sensual photos. If desired, a make-up artist can be consulted before the appointment.

We recommend relaxing before the shoot and wearing clothing that does not leave marks on the skin. It is also helpful to talk to us in advance about your wishes and ideas.

Can I bring my own ideas into the shoot?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your personal ideas and ideas with us. The shoot should reflect your uniqueness and we are happy to work creatively with your suggestions.

Are the photos retouched?

Yes, we offer professional photo editing to highlight the best aspects of each image. We make sure to preserve the naturalness and authenticity of the recordings.

Who gets to see the finished photos?

The finished photos will be made available only to you. No images will be published or shared without your express consent.

Does Photogenika also offer nude photography for men?

Yes, men can also show their sensual and erotic side through nude photos with us. We offer suitable backgrounds and props as well as the perfect light to ideally showcase the body.

For reading

Our photographers regularly report on their experiences with nude photos and give tips and further inspiration.

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Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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