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Architectural Photography
architecture photography
Architectural Photography

Your property in the best light

Professional photography that maximizes the value of your property

Images that inspire and sell

High-quality real estate photos that attract potential buyers

More than just photos – arouse emotions

With first-class real estate photography for faster sales success

From vision to reality

Detailed shots that capture the uniqueness of each property

Real Estate Photography

Stylish real estate photography in Munich

Put your houses, apartments and objects in Munich in the limelight with professional real estate photographs.

Within a few seconds, people decide whether they like a picture or not. The first impression is particularly important in the real estate industry. Especially with pictures of a house or an apartment, the picture has to inspire potential customers immediately. For this reason, it is particularly important in the real estate industry to present stylish and high-quality images. This always leads to major challenges for most photographers. However, thanks to their many years of experience, our professional real estate photographers are well prepared for this task.

So if you want to sell a property in Munich successfully and impress real estate agents, Photogenika's professional real estate photography is an absolute must.


Hourly prices for business area

  • Photography exclusive image data €85/hr
  • Reportage/event photography including pictures €125/hr

First-class photos of your properties

In order to get particularly beautiful and stylish pictures of your property, your real estate photographer has to stage it correctly. The potential customer should feel directly addressed at first glance at the picture. In particular, photos for your exposé should correctly depict the beauty and architecture of the property. Our real estate photographers have set themselves the task of depicting each property as realistically as possible. 

For this reason, the photographer should always position himself in a corner of the room and photograph two or even three walls from there - this makes the room appear larger. Our real estate photographers also attach great importance to taking detailed photos of the architecture and interior design. A professional photo of the property enables you to sell it quickly. The photographers from Photogenika are well trained to skillfully stage houses and apartments in Munich and the surrounding area.

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Details & Answers

all about your real estate photography

Why is professional real estate photography important?

Professional real estate photography is crucial to improving the first impression of your property. High-quality images not only increase the interest of potential buyers or renters, but can also lead to a quicker sale or rental and often a higher price.

What does a professional real estate photo shoot include?

A professional real estate photo shoot typically includes photography of all major rooms and features of the property, including exterior shots. It can also include detailed shots of special features and, if necessary, drone footage for a stunning outside perspective.

How do I prepare my property for the photo shoot?

Thorough cleaning and tidying up all rooms is essential. Decorate tastefully to create a welcoming atmosphere, but avoid personal items to allow potential buyers or renters to imagine the property as their own home. Good lighting is also important, so open curtains and blinds to let in natural light.


Do I receive the rights to use the photos?

Yes, once the shoot has been completed and payment has been made, you will receive the rights to use the photos so that you can use them for marketing purposes, on your website or on social networks. The exact conditions are set out in the contract.

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos varies depending on the size and type of property as well as individual needs and requirements. For example, a standard package might include between 15 and 25 recordings. However, we can create a package to suit your specific requirements.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

Bad weather can affect the quality of outdoor shots. In such cases, we offer the option to postpone the shoot or specialize in editing to achieve the best results, even in less than ideal conditions.

How are the finished photos delivered?

The finished photos are usually delivered digitally in high resolution via a secure online gallery from which you can download the images. We can also offer other delivery methods upon request.

Can I have changes made to the finished photos?

Yes, if you have any special editing requests or require changes to the finished photos, we will be happy to discuss the options. Please note that additional costs may apply for extensive edits.

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