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represent sensual and intimate situations - informal, detached and in a charming way private-looking pictures

Boudoir – Professional photos in Munich for your boudoir shoot

Romantic boudoir photos - natural, intimate, sensual and understated

"Boudoir" is an Old French term, derived from bouder "to sulk, to be in a bad mood," meaning a small but elegant room into which a lady could retreat. Later Boudouir was widely used to refer to the dressing room.

Photographers also understand boudoir photography or the boudoir photo shoot as a "look into the dressing room" and thus as entering an extremely private space - in a figurative as well as in a literal sense. Because boudoir photography is about a very sensual and intimate situation. Literally, the room itself also plays a role and can be seen clearly in the pictures. And that is different from the nude or lingerie shoot, with which there is a lot of overlap, but the environment is usually irrelevant. Sometimes only detailed shots of a body part are taken. 

The boudoir shoot is different. Since it is about capturing the sensuality of the moment with photography, the environment, facial expressions, gestures, clothing and skin all work together. Most of the time, the model is therefore not completely naked, such as in the nude photoshoot.

Boudoir Photography Munich

The shooting in the studio in Munich, in the hotel or at home

Since the premises also play a role, as “View into the dressing room” already describes, it makes sense to rent a nice hotel room for the shooting. If you are interested in a boudoir shoot in the hotel or a similar photo shoot, then please let us put you on the waiting list for one of the upcoming boudoir or hotel shoots.

Waiting list hotel shooting

Put yourself on the waiting list for the next hotel shoot. We will inform you as soon as we are planning another hotel shooting.

The boudoir photos can also be taken in our studio in the Westend. We provide various options, such as a couch or a bed, in the studio. These can be used freely by you.

Would you like to make your pictures exciting and actually show your "dressing room"? Then choose a home story and use your pictures to tell a story within your own four walls.

Inspiration for the first boudoir photo shoot

During the photo shoot there are various classic scenes of a dressing situation, such as pulling up the stockings or slipping the kimono over the shoulders. Since only a few women have modeling experience, we help with the poses and rely on naturalness.

And don't worry: if you visit us for a boudoir shooting in Munich, you don't have to go on a diet or run to the gym weeks in advance. Our photographers put you in the right light at all times with the help of years of experience, the right lighting in our studio and the image atmosphere. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, you are welcome to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to your boudoir shooting in Munich.


Your ideas, series, selection

Photogenics is different. We don't just pull the trigger. We take you by the hand, respond to you with great sensitivity and are there for you from the preparation to the joint selection of pictures. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with every photo shoot - this is how we create authentically beautiful pictures.

your ideas

Bring in your own ideas! Our photographers look forward to your wishes.

The preparation

Our tips for an optimal photo shoot preparation will be sent to you by e-mail.

The photoshoot

We create a series of images from which you can select the best images.

The retouch

All photographs are post-processed by us. For a natural, perfect result.

your choice of pictures

We present your pictures to you, advise you and make the selection together.

your photo product

You will receive your pictures in print & digital, as a photo album, framed wall picture or on canvas.


Prices for boudoir photo shoots

With us you know exactly what you get for your money. Here you will find all prices for nude photos in our Munich photo studios.

duration in the studio maximum 120 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
6 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

299 €

Suitable for portrait, newborn, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio maximum 60 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
3 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

199 €

Suitable for portrait, family, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio max. 30 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
1 retouched image as a file and on photographic paper
Only in the photo studio

99 €

Suitable for portraits, children from 6 months and up to 2 people

Make-up (individual type advice, hair styling & make-up per person) please inquire directly
Save all (unpurchased) image files for later re-orders 10 €
On-site photo shoot / flat-rate travel charge up to 50 km from our photo studios 95 €
Arrival/departure from the 51st km, per km 0,75 €

Would you like to have more pictures after your photo shoot? We offer you your pictures not only individually, but also in Packages of 6 – 42 images. All price advantages of our picture packages can be found here.

How present your pictures after the photoshoot? Let our albums, murals and gifts inspire.

For reading

Our photographers report on their experiences with boudoir shootings and give tips, further inspiration and further information for your shooting.

What speaks for a boudoir shooting

Give yourself a break!

If you want to do something for yourself and reward yourself during stressful times, a boudoir shoot is for you. Because at the shooting you can expect professional, sensual styling and pictures.

No job, no kids, no plans - at this moment it's all about you and getting away from it all for a while.

Take a look at yourself from a different angle

Many women reported discovering a whole new side to themselves after the shoot that they didn't even know existed. So get to know yourself in a whole new way with boudoir shoots. We assure you: In the end you will be proud to hold the beautiful results in your hands. Get out of your comfort zone and gain strength and confidence by being photographed scantily clad.

Create an unforgettable memory

That's what's so special about these sensual photos: Hardly anyone owns them! So you really captured a very special moment and created an amazing memory that very few people have.

Aren't we all a little surprised when we see old black and white photos of beauties from the past? They are (and will remain so in the future) simply something special! And you can show that with boudoir photos.