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Studio and gift albums from Munich

Discover the many possibilities to design your personal photo album.

Mini album combo

The special gift

The high-quality mini album combo impresses with its simple elegance and a natural-colored linen album, 20×20 cm, which is delivered in a custom-printed wooden box.

You can choose individually on which photo paper your pictures should be printed.

It always contains 30 pages and the cover sheet - embossing is optional. 

This small album is an original and complete package, which is ideal as a gift to family, friends, acquaintances or to yourself. 

This small album is an original and complete package, which is ideal as a gift to family, friends, acquaintances or to yourself. 

Boutique Book

The elegant presentation

In the Boutique Books, 20×20 cm, your pictures are printed on particularly high-quality paper, and you can choose from different paper thicknesses.

A nice addition is our included boutique box, which offers the right storage or gift packaging for every album - in a design that matches the photo album from the photographer.

For the cover you can choose your favorite color from many different linen fabrics. How about an individual embossing on the cover sheet?

The perfect album to present your lingerie and nudes on 10 to 36 pages, to give them away or simply to admire them yourself.


The fresh design

The Studio Collection Box is made of 8mm thick wood, with a compartment for inserting a data stick with the digital images. You can also use your 10 to 30 favorite pictures from the photo album digitally and online at any time.

There are several ways to customize the box. The material, paper and embossing of the album, measuring 20×20 cm, can also be adapted according to your wishes.

From the material to the embossing to the coloring, you can adapt the product to your own ideas and use it for a wide variety of events, events or occasions. 

Mini Album Combo, Boutique Book or Studio Collection* Prices
Excl. images, design with up to 48 images 199 €
excl. images, design with more than 48 images 299 €

* Albums in 20 x 20 cm, different papers, cover options, boxes and number of pages possible

Mini Libro

4 pieces to give away

The Mini Libros are small books that can be filled with up to five double pages and therefore offer enough space for your most beautiful photos. The 15×15 cm albums are always delivered in a pack of 4 and are therefore particularly suitable as gifts for loved ones or best friends.

The linen cover is available in natural, pink or blue. Here, too, you can personalize the outer cover and adapt the gift to the recipient. 

Photogenika's mini albums are particularly suitable as a gift idea for occasions such as baptisms, weddings or birthdays.

Mini Libro 15 x 15 cm; 4 pieces Prices
5 sheets / 10 pages, excl. pictures 99 €
3 leaves / 6 pages, excl. pictures 79 €