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Baby bump photos Munich

Photos of the baby bump - your way to the desired picture in Munich

Baby bump photos capture a very special time. Because pregnancy is characterized by many physical changes. Week after week your stomach becomes rounder and the time until the baby is born becomes shorter. Capture this in pictures! During a professional baby bump photo shoot, magical baby bump photos are created so that you can always remember the exciting time of pregnancy. You have the choice of where the photos of your baby bump are taken. Come to one of our photo studios in Munich or bring our photographers to your home. We photograph you alone or together with your partner, children or other family members.

We would be happy to document your pregnancy in all its stages in several shoots using professional pregnancy photos. We do everything we can to ensure that you have a good time during your baby bump shoot in our studio and that you have fond memories of this unique experience with your baby in your stomach.

Look forward to pictures of your belly with your little miracle inside.

Your ideas, series, selection

Photogenics is different. We don't just pull the trigger. We take you by the hand, respond to you with great sensitivity and are there for you from the preparation to the joint selection of pictures. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with every photo shoot - this is how we create authentically beautiful pictures.

your ideas

Bring in your own ideas! Our photographers look forward to your wishes.

The preparation

Our tips for an optimal photo shoot preparation will be sent to you by e-mail.

The photoshoot

We create a series of images from which you can select the best images.

The retouch

All photographs are post-processed by us. For a natural, perfect result.

your choice of pictures

We present your pictures to you, advise you and make the selection together.

your photo product

You will receive your pictures in print & digital, as a photo album, framed wall picture or on canvas.


  • Big photoshoot 179 €

    120 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot in the photo studio and in the surrounding area possible

    Suitable for portrait, newborn, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

  • Medium photoshoot 139 €

    60 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot in the photo studio and in the surrounding area possible

    suitable for portrait, family, nude/lingerie and baby bump photography

  • Little photoshoot 89 €

    30 minute photo shoot in our studios
    a retouched image as a file and on photo paper

    Preliminary discussion and outfit selection, 60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection (separate appointment), photo shoot only in the photo studio

    suitable for portrait, children from 6 months and up to 2 people

Capture new curves

A relaxed baby bump shoot in Munich

With stylish nude photos, we can capture the erotic, round shape of the baby bump and the feminine curves in a particularly appealing way. The combination of soft shapes, skin and the radiance of a pregnant woman bring incomparable photos that you can hang in special places in your home.

Whether as nudes or partial nudes - we respond completely to your needs and create aesthetic and artistic pregnancy photos. Together we advise everything in advance and find the most beautiful motifs and perspectives for your curves.

Baby Pass

because all good things come in threes

Three consecutive photo shoots – and we offer you a 20% discount on our image prices! Photogenika's baby passport allows you to remember your pregnancy in detail and the exciting time immediately after the birth of your baby. With our photography we accompany you on the exciting journey surrounding the birth of your child.

Further information

photogenic card

Regular children's photography

Over a period of three years, the Photogenic card allows you to have up to four appointments for children's photo shoots each year. We also offer you three other attractive discounts such as 20% on our image prices. This is a great way to capture the changes in your family over the years.

Further information

Book an appointment now.

Book an appointment for your photo shoot now. Whether it’s quick passport photos or an extensive wedding – we’re happy to be there for you.

Yours, Tina Rieger-Gudehus

Details & Answers

about our baby bump photography

When is the best time for a baby bump shoot?

The best time for baby bump photos is when you feel comfortable and ready. In principle, the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy is the best time to take one-off baby belly photos, because then the belly is usually nice and round and large. If we do multiple photo shoots, we will work together to find suitable dates in order to document the progress of the pregnancy. This can start before anything can really be seen or when the first curves appear. You are of course free to decide on the number of photo shoots and the length of time between each appointment.

More about the ideal time for baby bump shoots

How do I prepare for the shoot?

It's nice if you bring a selection of clothing and maternity dresses with you to a baby bump photo shoot. Perhaps you should also include a special item that will accompany you through your pregnancy in the photo. Or you already have a toy that you will give to your child when he or she is born and that will fit nicely on your belly. Whether it's an ultrasound picture or baby shoes - there are no limits to creativity. Be inspired by our picture gallery, come to us with your own ideas or simply let yourself be surprised. With flattering light, a beautiful pose and the right tips, we bring your baby bump to its full advantage.

More about tips and tricks for the baby bump shoot

How long does a typical shoot take?

Choose either the Large Photo Shoot (120 minutes) or the Medium Photo Shoot (60 minutes) for a baby bump photo shoot. This gives us enough time to try out different poses and settings without it becoming too strenuous.

More about the process of a baby bump shoot

Where does the shooting take place?

The shootings can take place in the photo studio, outdoors take place in a beautiful place or at your home. We would be happy to discuss the options with you and find the perfect location for your photos.

How do I deal with pregnancy problems during the shoot?

We ensure a relaxed atmosphere and take breaks whenever you need them. Your well-being is our top priority.

Can partners and siblings also take part?

Absolutely! By involving your partner and siblings, the family bond can be maintained.

The months of pregnancy are a time of change, especially for the expectant father, because a new phase of life is beginning for him too. In romantic and intimate photographs we capture your love for each other and for your unborn child.

More about pregnancy photos with the 2nd and 3rd babies

What can I do to feel good?

Pregnancy can help you feel more positive about your body if the expectant mother learns not to see perceived flaws in herself, but rather to notice what her body does for her and her baby. But this is not the same for every woman.

During a baby bump photo shoot, you don't need to worry about any blemishes. Only photographers work at Photogenika Munich, many of them mothers themselves, who can empathize with your needs as a pregnant woman. You know what is important for aesthetic photos of your baby bump. And don't worry: our photographers' trained eyes will put you and your baby bump perfectly in the spotlight at all times.

Last but not least, every photo is professionally edited.

Are there any tips for the pose?

Of course, we will guide you and show you poses that beautifully emphasize your baby bump and in which you feel comfortable. Your comfort is very important to us.

How far in advance should I book?

If possible, it's best to book 1-2 months in advance to get your desired date that fits your schedule. But we can also find an appointment at short notice.

Are there discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts:

  • With the Baby Pass You will receive a 20% discount on our image prices for all photo shoots.
  • the photogenic card offers you up to four shoots a year over three years and other attractive discounts such as a 20% discount on our image prices.

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