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Small miracle - big effect

Newborn Photography Munich

Magical beginnings in pictures: Our newborn photo shoot

No experience is as important for expectant parents as the birth of their child. For this very reason, Photogenika's newborn photography captures the first moments of your newborn in magical images.

Natural images emerge that will forever remind you of this life-changing event and the new member of your family. Find out more about the special features and the process of a newborn photo shoot in Munich.

This is how photo shoots for your newborn baby work at Photogenika in Munich

Beautiful photos need patience and good preparation. When it comes to the perfect photo of your newborn, we take a lot of time for you and your baby. Of course, we heat up our studio and especially the room of the shooting for our little guest, so that your newborn does not freeze under any circumstances.

Since babies sleep most of the time up until day 14, this is the best time for newborn photography. In these first days of life, our photographers have the opportunity to stage your little miracle in peace and quiet and to photograph it professionally. Of course you can have your little darling photographed alone, with your sibling or with the whole family.

Also discover ours Baby pass with three photo shoots or ours photogenic card with their attractive discounts.

Inspiration for the first photo shoot with the newborn

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Feel-good atmosphere at the newborn photo shoot.

We give ourselves during the photoshoots We put a lot of effort into creating a pleasant atmosphere for you and your newborn, which is why every newborn photo shoot with us in Munich goes very well individually and according to your wishes away. It is important to us that the shooting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and that both you and your little prince or princess feel comfortable.

In addition to ours Accessories in the photo studio, you are always welcome to bring your own personal memorabilia to the set. If you have any questions about your newborn pictures, you can always call us or our contact form to use. We look forward to seeing you and your newborn!


Our tips for the newborn shoot:

Newborn photos without the hassle

Because we know how exciting the first few weeks are. Our newborn photographers are mothers themselves, so we know about the magic of the first few days and weeks. But we also know that the question can arise: Do I dare to take my newborn to a photo shoot? My baby may not sleep for more than an hour? But don't worry, Photogenika creates photos of the newborn in no time at all, without any hassle! We take great care to treat your loved ones with love.


The ideal period for newborn photography is between the 4th and 14th day of life

When to book?

It is best to book a photo shoot for newborns during pregnancy


Choose between a newborn photo shoot in the studio or at home

Completely relaxed and without surprises at the appointment, with our checklist and the detailed schedule for newborn photography. Pure passion leads to the perfect result.


Your ideas, series, selection

Photogenics is different. We don't just pull the trigger. We take you by the hand, respond to you with great sensitivity and are there for you from the preparation to the joint selection of pictures. It is particularly important to us that you feel comfortable with every photo shoot - this is how we create authentically beautiful pictures.

your ideas

Bring in your own ideas! Our photographers look forward to your wishes.

The preparation

Our tips for an optimal photo shoot preparation will be sent to you by e-mail.

The photoshoot

We create a series of images from which you can select the best images.

The retouch

All photographs are post-processed by us. For a natural, perfect result.

your choice of pictures

We present your pictures to you, advise you and make the selection together.

your photo product

You will receive your pictures in print & digital, as a photo album, framed wall picture or on canvas.


Newborn photography prices

With us you know exactly what you get for your money. Here you will find all prices for newborn photos in our Munich photo studios.

duration in the studio maximum 120 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
6 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

299 €

Suitable for portrait, newborn, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio maximum 60 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
90 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
3 retouched images as a file and on photo paper
Possible in the photo studio and in the surrounding area

199 €

Suitable for portrait, family, nude/lingerie and baby belly photography

duration in the studio max. 30 minutes
Preliminary meeting and outfit selection
30 minutes backup, pre-selection and image optimization
60 minutes of joint consultation and image selection
1 retouched image as a file and on photographic paper
Only in the photo studio

99 €

Suitable for portraits, children from 6 months and up to 2 people

Make-up (individual type advice, hair styling & make-up per person) please inquire directly
Save all (unpurchased) image files for later re-orders 10 €
On-site photo shoot / flat-rate travel charge up to 50 km from our photo studios 95 €
Arrival/departure from the 51st km, per km 0,75 €

Would you like to have more pictures after your photo shoot? We offer you your pictures not only individually, but also in Packages of 6 – 42 images. All price advantages of our picture packages can be found here.

How present your pictures after the photoshoot? Let our albums, murals and gifts inspire.

Fits with that

Baby passport and photogenic card

Baby pass: because all good things come in threes

Three consecutive photo shoots - and we'll give you the first shoot for free! Photogenika's baby pass allows you to remember your pregnancy and the exciting time immediately after the birth of your baby in detail. We accompany you with the help of our photography on the exciting journey around the birth of your child.

Further information

Regular family photo shoots with the Photogeni card

Over a period of three years, the Photogenikarte allows you to have up to four appointments for children's photo shoots per year. In addition, we offer you a 50 € discount on this and every other shooting and our photo albums. This allows you to record the changes in your family over the years.

Further information

Details & Answers.​

Answers to the most important questions about newborn photography in our photo studios

What is a newborn photo shoot?

Newborn photography is a specialized type of photography that focuses on capturing a baby's first few days and weeks. It is a very sensitive and patient work, where the well-being of the baby is always paramount.

"Babies are my inspiration for everything they stand for, they change lives," said world-renowned newborn photographer Anne Geddes. And we can only agree with the mother of all newborn photography. For some time now, the "Newborn Photography" trend has also found its way from the USA to us in Munich. And we can't get enough of our work with the little ones.

What is the difference between newborn photography and baby photography?

Should I choose newborn photography or baby photography? The difference between newborn photos and baby photos, which are taken by extra baby photographers, is first of all in the time of the shooting. A newborn shoot takes place in the first 14 days. During this time, the little mice usually sleep through the entire shoot, can be placed in cute positions and look deeply relaxed in the pictures. It is different with babies, because from about 6 months the children become more mobile and you can photograph them in action. At a baby shoot the child can hold its head by itself, is active and looks awake into the camera. Depending on their age, the little ones can already lean on their arms, sit or stand. We suggest poses and accessories that match your level of development and press the trigger at the right moment. The result is vivid images of your baby.
We think you shouldn't have to choose between newborn photography and baby photography, so we've got you covered Baby Pass designed the addition also a  Baby bump shoot contains. With the beautiful pictures you have a reminder of all the valuable and a very special time. 

Can I also give the newborn photo shoot as a gift?

Yes! The photo shoot for newborns, the baby passport or the photogenic card are excellent gifts. Whether as a voucher from the grandparents for the birth or as a surprise for the baby shower, the new parents will definitely be happy. You can buy vouchers for individual photo shoots directly in our Shop order. If you would like to give our baby pass or photogenic card as a gift, it is best to contact us directly

Can the newborn photo shoot also take place at home?

If you feel more comfortable at home than in our photo studio, we will be happy to come to your familiar surroundings for the photo shoot. We simply bring professional equipment with lighting with us. At your home, we photograph beautiful baby photos, children's photos or family photos, without any stress or hectic for you and your offspring. More information about photo shoots at home.

What do I have to consider when preparing for a newborn photo shoot?

  • Pay attention to your newborn's "habits". We will find a suitable date.
  • It is best to try to be in our photo studio on time so that you have plenty of time to breastfeed and change your baby's nappy again. 
  • Newborns should be full and freshly swaddled at the time of the shoot so they are relaxed and content.
  • Blankets, rompers, hats or other accessories should be colour-coordinated. If you want to be in the photo yourself, you should also match the color of your clothes.
  • The most important thing: relax with us! With your familiar closeness and voice, flashing lights and the "new" situation for a newborn quickly become nothing spectacular.
  • If you come to our photo studios in the Westend for the newborn shoot, we will be happy to discuss with you in advance what props you can bring and what we have there.
You can find all the information on how to prepare perfectly for your newborn photo shoot in our Procedure and checklist.

Can the parents and siblings also be in the photos?

Absolutely! You or your siblings are welcome to be in the newborn photos. Let's discuss your wishes together.