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Nursery Photography

Joy in focus

Kindergarten photography that shows the carefree joys

Memories for a lifetime

Each picture tells a story from kindergarten that will never be forgotten.

Colorful childhood

Vibrant colors and moments - we capture the lively world of the kindergarten

Natural moments

Authentic and natural child portraits that show personality and character

Kindergarten photography around Munich

With kindergarten photos A particularly exciting time

Do you also remember the time when kindergarten photographs went like this: like on a conveyor belt, the children were placed one after the other on a chair and within minutes the kindergarten pictures for a whole group were created? Whether the children were well taken in the pictures or whether they felt comfortable while doing so did not play a particularly important role. This cannot happen to you with Photogenika! Our KiTa photographers attach great importance to individual and beautiful kindergarten photos.

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Benefits for kindergartens

Benefits for Parents

1. Request a sample folder

Would you like to find out more and receive a sample folder? Then just send us a message e-mail or about our contact form with the following information: address, number of children, planned photo period.

2. Make an appointment

Choose Photogenika for smooth and highly professional kindergarten photography. We will then discuss the photo session with the organizers of the facility.

3rd photo shoot in day care center

It doesn't matter if it's stormy, raining or snowing...or the sun is shining, the photo shoot can take place in any weather and we shoot either inside or outside.

4. Order securely online

All edited images can be found in the online shop, which was specially developed for kindergarten photography. Each child receives their own access code and you can view and order all the pictures safely and conveniently

5. The parents receive their photos in the mail

The parents order their photos within 3-6 weeks. When you place your order, you will receive your digital images directly by email. The photos produced on paper are then sent to the parents' homes by post.
So we only produce images that are actually requested. This is good for the environment and practical for everyone, since the tedious task of selling portfolios and collecting money is no longer necessary.

Request a free sample folder now!

Send us a request below or by email with your address, number of children and planned photo period. We will send you a sample folder free of charge and contact you with your offer. 

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Details & Answers

about our kindergarten photography

What sets/backgrounds does Photogenika offer?

We would be happy to show you the different backgrounds and sets in our Sample folder that you can request hereWhether we take photos indoors or outdoors, we find beautiful motifs for every occasion.

What is included in the KiTa folders?

The photo products are freely selectable and not predetermined. After the shoot, up to 15 different pictures per child are available in our online gallery. These can be freely combined and ordered in the right number and in a variety of formats. Photo mugs, key rings, photo stands and much more can also be ordered individually. This gives everyone much more freedom than with a conventional folder and you get the pictures you really like. There is no need to sell folders, no tedious money collection, there are no waste and everyone only gets the kindergarten pictures they really want.

Is the online shop safe?

Yes! Only the respective parents and the KiTa team get to see the pictures. Each child has their own password after the photo shoot. There, the parents then select the photos they want and order them to be sent home by post.

How much do the photos cost?

One thing in advance: With us there is no obligation to buy! We just want to take good photos that you'll love to buy and make them easy to share. Therefore you can too here our online shop test and view all products and their prices. Further price details can be found in our offer.c

How does the online shop work?

Our Online shop for kindergarten photography Munich works intuitively and self-explanatory. Many different languages are available! The software easily guides you through the purchase process.

It's best to try it out right away Click through our sample gallery at your leisure.

Can I view a sample gallery in the online shop?

Yes, please! You can find the link here:

How will parents be informed about the kindergarten photo shoot?

We will provide you with a detailed announcement letter containing all information about the photo shoot. This way, the children can be made particularly pretty on the day of the shoot to create a special memory of their time in kindergarten.

What makes your kindergarten photography different from regular one-size-fits-all portraits?

Our kindergarten photography in Munich is characterized by its authenticity. We capture the everyday life and individual personalities of the children in kindergarten in a natural way. By using two photographers, we ensure a relaxed atmosphere in order to create versatile and casual photos.

Is there an obligation to purchase the kindergarten photos?

No, our kindergarten photography is free and there is no obligation to purchase. We offer you a selection of high-quality photos in our online shop from which you can choose individually. You also have the option of purchasing sets of our well-made images.

Can individual ideas for the photo shoot be taken into account?

Absolutely! We are open to your individual wishes and ideas. You are welcome to request our sample folder to get an impression of our work.

How does the kindergarten photo shoot work?

We offer a variety of options, from group photos to photos of children in free play. Our experienced daycare photographers have the right equipment and know-how to create appealing images in every situation. We attach great importance to putting a smile on children's faces with empathy and fun.

How does a photo shoot at daycare work?

We come straight to the kindergarten for a photo shoot. It is important that you as a parent coordinate the shooting with the parents' council and the kindergarten management. We would be happy to have a preliminary discussion to clarify all the details and offer advice on preparing for the shoot. We also give the children the opportunity to get to know each other before the shoot to create a familiar atmosphere.

What if my child is sick or unable to participate on photo day?

No problem. Since the kindergarten photography is free for you, it is not a problem if your child cannot take part. We are also happy to offer alternative or alternative dates. In this case, you are welcome to come to one of our Kindergarten family photo shoots to Photogenika in the photo studio.

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