Part 6: Modern family photography - natural & authentic

We are who we are! Authentic family photos


Every family and every child is wonderfully unique, at least we think so. You don't want a "posed" Family photoshoot, but see your uniqueness in your pictures and modern family photos?

Then a family reportage in your cozy home would be just the right idea for you! We accompany you and your family for a certain period of time and capture your "everyday madness" up close in individual pictures. Gladly also in one Home Story.

Radiant children's eyes and a mischievous smile, defiant looks and big tears, big and small outbursts of anger, squirrel badgers - wild and lively, just as they are. This is the stuff that authentic family portraits are made of.



We believe that the best way to capture the love and uniqueness of your family is at your home. On the one hand, your children are in a familiar environment, so that "thawing out" is not that difficult and a very familiar atmosphere can develop very quickly. On the other hand, no background is more authentic than your own four walls.

Even if your own apartment sometimes seems too banal to have professional family photos to create, it is precisely the couch on which you as a family spend most of the cuddling time that will convey exactly this mood in your memories.

Of course, it's just "your dining table", but you spend a lot of time at it every day and it will later remind you of many happy hours and exciting times. A photo means freezing important moments that we want to remember again and again and your favorite places should not be missing from the pictures.

In today's hectic and stressful everyday life, there is often not enough time to enjoy family life to the full. In the process, numerous important moments and special developments are often lost and forgotten. Your everyday madness of today, you will then enjoy together with your loved ones in ten or more years.

We ourselves already know the feeling from the photos with our parents and how nice it is every time you rediscover “the armchair” or “the kitchen unit” from back then in the pictures. As a human being, we associate our moods and memories very strongly with objects and scenes from family photos.

Authentic recordings from your everyday family life are particularly good for preserving these special moments and emotions. Maybe in a few years you will already be living in a different apartment, you have new furniture and a lot has changed in your everyday life, so that there are no souvenirs to remind you of that time.

It would be all the nicer to have a photo album open and all these little things on yours family photos to rediscover.

In the middle of the game, while cuddling, cooking or going for a walk, many forget the camera and this creates countless wonderful motifs that we can photograph from the background. Completely unnoticed, unforced and just the way you are.


I hope you enjoyed our blog series on newborn photography and that you were able to take away many exciting ideas and suggestions. If you have any questions, call us at any time or send us a short e-mail.
We look forward to you!


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Part 6: Modern family photography - natural & authentic


And a few more tips:

If you decide to have a newborn photo shoot, you can find ours here Procedure and checklist for your newborn photo shoot.

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