Part 3: Milestones - Newborn the first year of life

In the first year of life, so many small miracles and changes happen that it is difficult for parents to remember everything without the help of photos. It's worth recording these new stages during your baby's first year, as they will pass irrevocably.

Especially for one baby album or baby diary, it is a good idea to document all stages from birth. Many mums will now ask themselves: "What happens to my child in the first months of the first year of life?" Here are a few great tips from us that you can already use you can roughly plan the most important moments in your calendar and that of your photographer even during pregnancy.


Just five more minutes, Mommy! (Approximately 4th to 14th day of life)


Welcome little miracle! During this period, your child only wants two things: to sleep and to eat. Of course we pull out our camera for wonderful ones newborn photos. Usually the most beautiful memories of the first unforgettable days can be created during this period and your child is so nice and even enjoys it.

We also have the perfect light at hand, since our windows are in the Photo studio in the Westend are very large and we can thus avoid flashlight, or illuminate them with indirect light.


A Big First Smile – From 6 weeks


Do you really want to see your little darling's magical smile on your professional photos? Then visit us in the studio from the sixth week. From that point on, your baby can usually smile consciously and has been awake for much longer, so that we can capture many beautiful pictures.



Small posing miracle - from 3 months


As soon as your baby has reached its third month of life, it may already be able to hold its head in a prone position and it is also possible to look directly into the camera. At that age, they already react to their names and hardly bear any resemblance to the delicate and tiny newborn. However, particularly good news for you as a mother is that your baby is not yet able to crawl and you can sit back and relax while taking the picture.


Show me your prettiest smile baby! (About 4-5 months)


From this period your baby can push himself up under his own power when lying on his stomach. Lying on its back, it grabs its feet and many babies look at them in surprise, which is a symbol of the gods. Furthermore, it is very easy to capture a big smile during this time, which is why this time should not be wasted.



Lying is boring, long live sitting! (About 6-8 months)


Most likely, your little darling can now sit independently and is incredibly proud of it! That's why it has to be shown to everyone and always, after all lying down is suddenly incredibly boring, because you don't see anything there either. From that point on, your baby will also convey his personality to the outside world, which is very valuable and should be recorded.


Nothing stops me! (about year)


Full sail ahead! Your baby will not only be able to pull himself up on stable furniture, but will mutate into a crawling whirlwind. Even the fittest photographer sometimes gets out of breath. During this time, your baby's facial expressions are very diverse and there are countless beautiful emotions (sometimes very funny) that look great in the photo album.

A first birthday shoot with a cake to destroy is a unique experience and a great idea for a shoot. Actually the perfect time for Baby photography Munich.

If you're wondering how you're supposed to manage so many shoots, we can offer you ours Child Pass highly recommend. There you could use the resulting pictures for your baby diary or as a great gift use for the grannies.


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