Part 5: Beautiful sibling photos with a newborn baby. But how?

Congratulations on the new family member! All eyes are on the small miracle that you were recently welcomed into this beautiful world.

But even if your baby draws everyone's attention, we also want to devote our attention to the proud older siblings, because they usually burn for the new baby and of course are also part of the family photos. Just how is that supposed to work?

Surely you also want to be intimate family photos of your baby with its bigger siblings. When it comes to photo shoots with children and newborns, we photographers try everything to create a relaxed, playful and cozy atmosphere. However, a successful picture often depends on the motivation and form of the day, especially with smaller children.

In the final photo you can usually see how your little ones were in the mood on the day of the shoot, so it is all the more important to plan something and ensure relaxation. However, a few little tips and ideas can help you get your kids involved and keep them happy.




It's best to talk to us before you go photo studio with your children and explain to them where you are going and what is going on there Family photoshoot approximately planned. So the excitement is usually not that big anymore. However, try not to build up any pressure or expectations and approach the appointment in a relaxed manner.

Maybe even explain to your child what you intend to do with the pictures afterwards that you might have a mural want to hang in the living room where everyone can be seen. Maybe you are planning a nice experience together after the shooting, which the children can look forward to.



It is best to plan enough time for the journey so that you can arrive at the photo studio on time and relaxed. As soon as you become stressed about the time pressure yourself, it transfers to your children.

Discuss the right clothes at home and let your children put them on at home. No child likes to change in a new place and immediately after arrival.




Some children have a lot of energy in front of the camera at the beginning and after a certain time they lose their energy, others need time to warm up. Depending on how your children are, we can plan this individually in the photo shoot so that we get the best time. This requires a bit of patience and a lot of understanding, because a child under pressure only tenses up even more.

We photographers always try to be playful, relaxed and flexible in responding to all your children's concerns, so that they, too, can enjoy the photo shoot. For example, we are also happy to show your little ones a photo on the camera so that they can recognize themselves and then of course want more pictures of themselves. Sometimes it also helps to just let the children play just outside the door so that the excess energy can be carried outside.



after the Family and sibling photos successfully photographed, the "big ones" can go to the playground or home with dad, so we have enough peace and quiet for the newborn baby and his own big entrance.

Our photogenics Child Pass we can generally recommend to all parents. Especially when you know your kids well and know that attention spans can be quite short at times. The shoots last about 20 minutes and if it quickly becomes clear that a child is having a less than good day, we simply reschedule the shoot.

We would be happy to advise you personally and in more detail on the phone.

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