Newborn Photography
newborn photography
Newborn Photography

Procedure and checklist for your newborn photo shoot at Photogenika

It is important to us that you and your newborn feel comfortable with your Newborn photo shoot feel good Because we are only satisfied when you hold the photo of your newborn in your hands and are beaming. For us, this also means that you feel well prepared. This takes the hustle and bustle out and you can see that in the photo.

That is why we have compiled all the important information here in advance. So you know exactly what to expect at your photo shoot. We'll show you how you're already in the pregnancy plan the appointment and what you should consider on the day of the newborn shoot. With this information, nothing can go wrong on your way to the perfect photo of your newborn.

Schedule for your newborn photo shoot

With everyone Photoshoot with newborns patience, calm and a lot of time are the top priority of our work to shoot a magical photo of your newborn. The first time with the photographer should take place in a relaxed atmosphere for the babies and parents. We don't let you or your child feel hectic or even stressed and do our best to make everything as comfortable as possible for mum and baby. After all, photography should be a beautiful experience for everyone. We create lasting memories of unique moments from your little angel and put a lot of heart and love into every photo of your newborn.

This is how the photo shoot for Newborn works

Read through the most important points about the process of your newborn photo shoot and be perfectly prepared for your magical newborn photo shoot.

Secure an appointment in good time

Secure your appointment in good time and while you are still pregnant (ideally days/weeks before the birth). We use the delivery date to reserve a provisional appointment. Of course we also offer baby belly photo shoots. You can find out more about this on our website. Extra tip: Our baby belly shoots, the newborn and baby shoots can also be used as coupon give away.

Keep us updated

Please keep us informed if your newborn needs to stay in the hospital so that we can reschedule and adjust the date of your newborn shoot if necessary. In any case, your little darling should first have the opportunity to settle in properly at home and get used to his whole family before you come to our studio for newborn photography.

Best time for newborn photography

You should come to us with a few days old newborn. The best time for newborn photography is in the first days of life after birth and is between the 5th and 14th day of life of the newborn. Of course, baby photography or photos of your toddler can also lead to wonderful results at a later date. Maybe ours photogenic card with your discounts exactly the right thing for you.

Duration of the newborn shoot

A large newborn shooting lasts 2 to 3 hours including breaks. We take enough time to photograph your little mice and shoot the perfect newborn photographs. Therefore, bring enough time to your photo session and ideally do not plan any further follow-up appointments.

The newborn shoot with the sleeping child

You have enough time to change, change, cuddle and breastfeed and to put the child to sleep. We lay them Babies in the right positions and in front of the different backgrounds while sleeping. We adapt the set individually to your wishes. We will discuss the props with you in advance so that you can also bring the right clothes and the perfect outfits with you.

Perfectly equipped studios for newborn photography

The rooms of ours photo studios are well heated so that the babies are nice and warm during the newborn shoot, even if they are only wearing a cute bodysuit. Of course we also have a blanket to warm your newborn during possible breaks. As an adult, you shouldn't dress too bulky. It is best to come in the "onion look" so that you can take something off if necessary. You are welcome to use our photography props such as decorations, accessories, hats, doilies, boxes, baskets, hair bands, towels, etc. for photography. We offer a wide selection for both boys and girls in this area.

Newborn photo shoot checklist

If the baby is in a good mood, the photo shoot will run smoothly. Your baby should be fed and swaddled and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Only a sleeping newborn can be optimally photographed. Here you can read our tips so that your baby feels good and can slumber away blissfully.

General preparation

Agreement with the photographer

Are you planning a newborn shoot at home?

For the home shoot and the appropriate, resulting photography please think of suitable locations and good lighting conditions. Think about whether the baby shooting should take place in the living room, in the parents' bedroom or in the children's room. A couch, an armchair or a nice carpet are suitable for placing the child. When the weather is good, an outdoor shoot is also an option and beautiful photos can also be taken outside in the garden. A shady spot should be chosen. Beautiful pictures can also be taken at the baby shoot in your own home. We attach great importance to the fact that you hold great photos in your hands after your photo session. We are therefore happy to discuss the right prop for the baby photo shoot in your home with you in advance. Whether it's a blanket, a specific outfit, a picture with your siblings or other individual wishes - we fulfill your wishes with great attention to detail and also offer you the perfect one at home newborn photoshoot.

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