Sensual in lingerie - can I do that too?

I will now tell you why I can definitely answer this question with "yes", why it is worth taking the step and what you can do for your own feel-good factor.

2013 - that's the year in which I found my passion for Lingerie and nude shoots discovered with women.
Since then I've had hundreds of partially or fully nude women in front of my camera and I've never lost interest in them.


Lingerie Photo Studio Munich

Now you're probably wondering why it's still so exciting for me after all these years. Every person has a different body shape, every person is a special challenge. That's why lingerie and nude photography never gets monotonous for me.

During my apprenticeship, my trainer once said to me: "Nude photography represents the highest art of studio photography!" I can only agree."

The art there

When it comes to nude and lingerie shots, everything has to be just right. It's not just about the perfect lingerie, but about body tension and optimal light. One cannot live without the other to create a beautiful picture. However, apart from your outfit, you don't need to worry about anything, because that's what we're here for you.

On the Photogenica On our website we do not present pictures of professional models. All the people you see with us are normal people and mostly came to us with a little bit of nervousness.
The most important thing for you should be that you only bring lingerie that does not pinch or dig in. You should feel good.

It is best to plan your shooting on a day off, then you will arrive at our photo studio much more relaxed. If possible, bring a cardigan to the shoot, so we can warm up with a few portraits and then start with a few playful motifs. Once the first few minutes have passed, you will find yourself letting the excitement and fear subside.

In the case of small problem areas, we always have tricks and tricks ready to conceal them. The black background also plays into our hands. Before that, we can emphasize exactly what you love most about yourself. In front of a white background, all bumps disappear due to the complete illumination - what still bothers you is retouched afterwards.


Lingerie Photo Studio Munich

I still have a few insider tips for small problem areas:

If you have a small tummy, a body or negligee is recommended for a variation. These flatter the body and usually emphasize the décolleté. Or you “borrow” a shirt from your loved one and bring it with you to the shoot. With this you can play around the body shape and he will definitely recognize his favorite shirt. I also recommend that you pack high heels, as they lift your butt a bit when standing and make women feel a little sexier.

If you have already found some motifs that you like, please bring them with you. Then we can roughly estimate what you have in mind.

If you still feel unsure, we will be happy to help you get rid of your stage fright at a personal meeting

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and leave your shoot feeling confident with beautiful pictures. That's why we work without predetermined positions, but also tailor your lingerie shoot to suit you perfectly.

Over the years I've had so many nervous women sitting in front of me that I've had the privilege of reminding them how incredibly beautiful they are with wonderful pictures. Many just said when picking up their pictures: "I'm so proud that I dared and now have these beautiful pictures of myself!"

Every woman is beautiful and every body looks good in front of the camera, you just have to have faith and take the small step.

your Sophie


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