Part 2: How to find the right newborn photographer for you

Your baby's first days and how do you find the right photographer to capture them?

After you already have your baby bump at a shooting, the time has come and your child will finally see the light of day. The first few days after giving birth are wonderfully exciting. Finally you can get to know and touch the little human that you had been expecting for nine months but didn't really get to see.

Those first few days are incredibly precious and it would be a shame to let them pass undocumented. Thus, the decision is made quite quickly to plan a newborn shoot before the birth. Now, however, the question arises as to how you can find the right photographer for such important snapshots. For this we have a few questions that you should ask yourself before you book a shoot for your little miracle.


Where do I want to be photographed?

Newborn Shooting can theoretically be photographed anywhere, just like baby photos. Whether in the studio or with you at home is entirely up to your taste. In the studio, your baby can be staged with a variety of accessories against a background. At home you can have your newborn photographed in a completely natural and familiar environment. Of course, with both options, a child should always cuddle a lot and plan for a little hunger

What kind of photos do I want?

A friend of yours has a recommendation for a photographer for you? That's really great! But you should still take a moment and take a look at their website, because tastes differ. Of course, the photographs should absolutely convince you and also fully meet your taste. For example, do you want portraits of your baby, where your little one is staged in special clothes and beautiful poses?

Wonderful, then look out for a photo studio that definitely has a lot of experience in baby photography, because this is a science in itself and requires a lot of finesse. Or would you rather have one family shoot with your little darling in a cozy and cozy atmosphere at your home maybe with older siblings? Then the home story is just right for you. Pay attention to photographers who also drive to your home and have some family pictures in their portfolio that you like very much.


Which style do I like?

If you have already answered the first two questions for yourself, now comes the question of style. Here you can have a look at different websites of photo studios that offer newborn photography. This will give you a better sense of how different newborn photos can be and you can also find out for yourself which style you like best.

What imagery does the photographer's images convey on his website? Would you also like such baby photos as a reminder? Do the whole families seem to be enjoying themselves? Does the photographer already explain a bit of their approach on their website?

What do I want to use the photos for afterwards?

You should ask yourself this question before the newborn photo shoot. In this way, your beautiful photos can also be designed perfectly for your purposes. Many new parents want an album with the best baby photos from the first days of their newborn. Or a large family picture that should hang over baby's first bed?

Would you like to have birth cards printed? A great idea! Do you already have an idea or a color in mind for this? Here you can already select whether the photographer also offers high-quality products and design them individually for you.

These four key points will help you find the perfect photographer for you in no time. Do you have questions about your newborn shoot? We're happy to help!

If you've already thought about it, do it while you're pregnant Baby bump photo shoot to book and maybe even a small one family shooting, as soon as your baby is a little bigger, ours is Photogenic baby pass made for you: it is the combination of three photo shoots for these three consecutive occasions.

Do you have questions about your newborn shoot? We're happy to help!

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