Part 4: Newborn photography: beautifully minimalist or lovingly playful

Is there really only one type of newborn photo? What options do I have for my photo shoot? What is the best time for baby photos and baby photography?

The tastes of your parents are just as unique as every little newcomer. From sweet and playful to very "clean", we have had (almost) every style in our studio and are also very well equipped for many wishes. Depending on your taste, we set up a set before the photo shoot, which means that we can go directly to your Newborn Shoot create more peace and, on the other hand, make the pictures of your baby even more unique.

Through our large windows Photo studio in the Westend it is usually possible for us to photograph your child with natural light and without flash. This allows us to capture creative and beautiful photos with our camera through different perspectives, a shallow depth of field and beautiful light.

As soon as you enter the term "newborn" in a search engine and click on the small magnifying glass, hundreds of thousands of different motifs, ideas, tips, styles and thus possibilities appear. Many mums-to-be feel overwhelmed by all the offers and I would like to help you develop a small idea of your perfect newborn photos.

Of course I can't list all the little nuances here, but we can make a small categorization into "minimalist", "playful" and "home story", which I would like to show you here.



What can I imagine a "playful newborn shoot" to be? In our photo studio in the beautiful west end of Munich we have a very large selection of different accessories, small furniture, cozy pastel blankets, floral decorations and delicate little outfits for our little ones.

Depending on your taste, we can put together different sets for your child and thus capture personal memories of your baby's first moments. With our different backgrounds, ranging from light, delicate colors to darker, more striking ones, we can create a wide variety of scenarios. As a little extra, our many delicate hair bands or hats will make your little baby shine even more.


... or rather minimalistic?

"Headbands and tutu are too much for me, I like my child's photos more naturally, can we photograph my little darling in a minimalist way?" If this question came to your mind during the last section, I can calm you down.

We can also implement the beautiful baby photos in a very minimalistic way. For this we have many blankets and skins in white, gray or natural colors. A completely light background or a variation with our parquet or laminate always look very homely and relaxed. So your child can shine in their own unique way.

If you get a feeling of “at home“, we would also be happy to visit you at home and photograph you and your baby in your cozy and intimate surroundings. Here we can keep everything as natural as possible, your favorite cuddle pose in your favorite place.

Your own couch, the changing table or your bed exude a relaxed and natural atmosphere and together we can create wonderful natural snapshots. Bright, light-flooded rooms are best suited for this and we will bring a few cozy light blankets with us.

We photograph newborns almost exclusively in daylight so that they are not repeatedly awakened by lightning and can doze peacefully. Experience has shown that the best time for your newborn pictures is in the morning. Depending on the time of year and your baby’s sleeping patterns, afternoons are of course also an option, but we would be happy to advise you personally.

Our Photogenic baby pass is a wonderful idea if you are considering having baby bump photos taken before the birth. The same applies if you have already toyed with the idea of doing a family shoot in the future when your offspring has already grown a bit. Here you pay a total price for all three shootings and get the first shooting for free.

To top it all off, the results of this combination can be summed up beautifully in the form of a photo albums perpetuate, so no memory is lost.

We would be happy to advise you personally on all your questions in more detail.

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