Part 1: Newborn and baby photos: the perfect time

We have written a small series of blog posts on the subject of newborn photography, which we will list below. Enjoy browsing.


At the beginning a short overview:

Part 1: Newborn and baby photos: the perfect time

Part 2: How to find the right newborn photographer for you

Part 3: Milestones - Newborn the first year of life

Part 4: Newborn photography: beautifully minimalist or lovingly playful

Part 5: Beautiful sibling photos with a newborn baby. But how?

Part 6: Modern family photography - natural & authentic


And a few more tips:

If you choose a newborn photoshoot decide a few days after the birth, you can still find ours here Procedure and checklist for your newborn photo shoot.

In life, as in professional newborn and baby photography, timing is key. How much time after the birth should I expect before I plan a newborn photo shoot with my child? When would it make sense to have a photo shoot with a photographer if I want a picture of my child looking into the camera? What would be the best time to take beautiful photos of my baby? We show new parents when it's the right time to shoot newborns and babies and explain why the best pictures are taken this way.


Magical newborn photography - 4th to 14th day of life

If you have your eyes on very cuddly and sweet newborn photos, it is advisable to plan them in the first four to 14 days of life. During this period of time, the little ones still sleep a lot when it's warm, they're full and their tummy doesn't pinch. So they can be easily put into the desired pose and thus a wonderful newborn photo shoot in the Studio stage. It is best to decide on an outfit in advance and dress your newborn in the way you would like it to be photographed before the shoot. (As a little tip: a bib is the best way to keep spit residue away from your clothing until then). Your newborn can also be undressed during the shoot, which usually makes them even more comfortable. We try to avoid moving too much because that keeps most children from falling asleep. We can then use the relaxed sleep wonderfully for detailed shots of the eyelashes, nose, feet or hands. Tip: After the newborn photo shoot, do not plan any further appointments for the day to give you and the child a rest after this exciting appointment.

And why is only two weeks after the birth the right time for the photo shoot? After the 14th day of life, the first growth spurt usually comes and this is a time when your newborn wants to drink and cuddle a lot, which also makes it more restless. Relaxed pictures need relaxed babies at the newborn shoot and that just gets a little more difficult over time.


Let the baby arrive for the photo

Out of the clinic, into the studio? We recommend waiting 4-5 days after giving birth. But why should you only do the shooting with the newborn then? Perhaps you are one of the more impatient parents and of course you would like to have your little miracle photographed as soon as possible after the birth. However, the baby is just like us. After a move, we need a little time to really settle in. And the baby has already changed clothes at least once, out on the cozy baby bump. Most newborns already have move number two behind them when they leave the clinic. Everything in this brave new world is brand new. Breathing, drinking, mom and dad's smell and where are all these loud noises coming from? That's why the days after the birth are very stressful, even for the little ones. Let your baby first arrive, feel comfortable, get to know the family and relax before we get him or her sleeping in front of the lens. This is also an advantage for you as parents, because you already have a small rhythm with the baby and can come to the photographer in the studio well prepared.


For a big smile in your baby - from 6 weeks

Do you really want to capture the magical smile of your little darling in your professional photos? Then visit us for a photo shoot with your baby from the sixth week in the studio. From that point on, your baby can usually smile consciously and has been awake for much longer, so we can relax and capture wonderful smiling eyes in an adorable picture.


Your baby is a little posing miracle - from 3 months

As soon as your baby has reached its third month of life, it may already be able to hold its head in a prone position and it is also possible to look directly into the camera from this moment. At that age, they already react to their names and hardly bear any resemblance to the delicate and tiny newborn. Baby photos can be created in which we capture your child's first activities and shared moments.


The right timing Baby photography also with the time of day

For the baby photos, it is essential that the shooting for your baby is well planned. What is your baby's daily rhythm at the moment? Is your child more of an early riser and already too irritable in the afternoon, or rather a late riser and only really fit in the afternoon? Experience has shown that we photograph happy children more often in the morning than in the afternoon, as most of them are still fit and receptive. Of course you know your child best and should plan the time for a relaxed and happy baby according to his/her rhythm. This is how beautiful memories can be created.

Beyond the third month, there are still so many milestones that a baby crosses that are worth capturing in photos. For this we are only too happy to give you our wonderful photogenic card heart, because in the first three years a lot happens. Or you plan Shooting for the family with you as parents, the baby and possibly siblings. No matter which photograph you choose, make an appointment with us directly.


Here is an overview of all our photo services for parents:


And, in order to be able to review these wonderful moments over and over again, it might be worth considering storing the pictures in a beautiful photo album to be perpetuated.

We would be happy to advise you on these topics at yours Photoshoot Appointment or in advance.

We look forward to being your newborn photographer.

The next blog post is about Part 2: How to find the right newborn photographer for you

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