#6 Tips and tricks for your application photo - Let your picture tell a story

Let your picture tell stories!

Hey, nice that you checked in. I've been thinking about starting a blog series on the subject of applications and application photos, and I'm glad you're part of it.

There's a very simple reason why I'm starting this. As soon as the subject of an application flashes in their heads, most people panic. It is an uncomfortable situation and one would like to avoid the whole thing. Honestly? I felt the same way. Write the text, analyze what you are good at, who you are, search for and write down data, put everything that has been written in a layout and then also the topic application picture. ... oh my.

I asked myself where the trigger lies, why do I need an application at all? I've found that I'm the one who wants a fresh start when it comes to jobs. So why don't I put all my energy into job selection? Why don't I invest my time and creativity in an application if it is the way to a fresh start in a new company?

In this blog I don't want to write long about applications and why I do what and how, I want to show you what can be interpreted in an application photo. How to make the photo cool, creative, casual, individual and colorful. I would like to answer various questions for you, such as:

  • What is the difference for an application photo, whether I submit a selfie or a professionally photographed picture?
  • Does it have to be a really big shoot or is a photo taken by the photographer enough?
  • Does the application photo have to be photographed in the studio or can it also be taken in a park or in front of a beautiful building somewhere in Munich?
  • Should my outfit have a more business look, or can it also be a casual look?
  • What possibilities are there for this type of photography?

We at Fotostudio Photogenika have one goal: You to be photographed on your application photo. We do not want to pretend you but you, your ideas, wishes and ideas with our experience in your perfect Application photo unite. We look forward to you getting involved in this blog series and wish you a lot of fun reading and, above all, being inspired.

your Esther
& the entire Photogenika team
Your photo studio Munich

PS The next blog post is about #1 Set yourself goals: What do I really need the application photo for?

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