Late summer family shoot

September is the last "summer month" and this year he has really worked hard and shown himself from his best side.

Of course, that tempted us to take advantage of the good weather and do a great late summer sunset shoot.
For this purpose, we searched for two families on Facebook who were interested in having us photograph them on the Panzerwiese in Munich in the last rays of sunshine of the day. And very quickly we found what we were looking for: two dear families made it available and let us put them in the most beautiful and warmest sunlight. Even including a sugar-sweet dog, which made us even happier.

After a short round of getting to know each other and a short walk on the Panzerwiese, we found the first perfect location for our shoot - directly in the sunlight on an open meadow.

And right away the family photo shoot started with a lot of action: people ran through the high grass, jumped, children were thrown into the air (and caught safely again) and they were allowed to fly, they rode piggyback and there were countless kisses for everyone.

As the sun slowly disappeared behind the trees and the sky turned into the most beautiful pastel colors, we walked a few meters further into the Panzerwiese and had a great atmosphere Family photoshoot used. The light after sunset simply conjures up great muted colors and great skin, even if the time when the light can still be used quickly passes.

Outdoor photo shoot

Even when it got a little later, the children participated really well and gave it their all. The dog also participated really well and was a great model. Of course, a huge compliment to the parents at this point and a big thank you for wanting to take part in such an action-packed photo shoot and for letting us do everything with them.

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