#1 Set yourself goals: What do I really need the application photo for?

"It's quite clear, I need a photo for an application!" - we photographers actually often hear this sentence...

However, in order to show off you and your strengths particularly well in your application photo, it helps us if you have a specific goal and can perhaps already answer the following questions:

  • In which industry are you applying?
  • What are you applying for? e.g. chief position, team member, trainer & co. What should your position be?
  • What are your tasks?
  • What are the characteristics of the job? For example, artistic and versatile creativity, a clever and well-informed little head, social and caring skills, ....?
  • Do you work a lot with customers and/or closely with colleagues?
  • Where does your job mainly take place? Do you travel a lot or do you work more in the office?

The more details we know, the more we can pay attention to the right light for you, the background color and the pose for your professional application photos. Characteristics such as openness, composure, strength of character, temperament, courage, liveliness can do this Application photo express alone ONLY through these components.

Let's imagine that your application is sent to a reader who really doesn't care much about an application photo. He opens the file and sees a likeable, bright person. What he uses to determine these two adjectives could be, for example, the following reasons:

The picture was probably taken in the photo studio, since the light is aimed specifically at the person. A little shadow emphasizes the structure of the face, it is light and soft. The person's skin appears radiant, soft. The viewer subconsciously searches for colors and contrasts that the searching gaze can “get stuck” on. This look usually finds the applicant's eyes as the first clue.

A light background, maybe white or light gray, without much structure - very "clean" flashes behind the photographed person. These colors radiate calm and openness and usually create little tension. Basically, bright colors count towards something cheerful. The pose was kept classic in this application photo, turned slightly, the head facing the camera and a hearty smile on the lips.

You may see why it is so important for us photographers to know various details about you, because even if a reader of your application does not care much about application photos, their subconscious is working and analyzing it Application photo. He tries to describe it automatically and then lets your words sprinkle him in your letter. You can influence a lot with the components light, background and pose. And that's only because you set yourself precise goals
thought about it and share it with us.


Personally, I always find it crazy how we can influence the subconscious or the conscious. With the topic "application photo" we take each of your goals and convert it to your advantage in the right light, the color, harmonizing background and the pose that suits you best.

Let us advise you. We will help you to find the right light, background and pose for you.

your Esther
& the entire Photogenika team
Your photo studio in Munich

PS The next blog post is about the topic #2: Feel comfortable in your outfit!

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