#4 Choice of location: Outdoor or rather in the studio?

Nice to have you back. This blog is about the different locations for an application photo and the backgrounds you can choose from. Let's start with the topic of outdoor application photos.


Application photos outdoor

The first thing that comes to mind for most people are thoughts like:

Portrait pictures, too casual, not serious, where should you do that... It's somehow true, portrait pictures are often taken outside. It looks natural, approachable, relaxed and somehow also very relaxed. But don't let yourself be fooled, because you can also come across as very serious.

Let's take another example: I have a customer who is applying to be a department head in a corporation. He is good at leading, arranging, allocating, leading and accompanying employees and radiates this in any form. Its disadvantage is perhaps that closeness is completely lost. This property can be found on business photos best presented with the background "relaxed environment".

For example, I suggest to the client a house facade with a light structure, a glass facade and a park as a background for the photograph. I would like to explain to you what effect the respective backgrounds can have. With its structure to the elegant head of department in a dark suit, the facade of the house appears very casual. It almost breaks the elegant, purposeful expressiveness.

The glass facade does the opposite in the photo. The glass with the little structure is pure and appears clear. It may reflect the elegant suit through the surface structure. The business photo gains strength and depth. The park, on the other hand, is a real splash of color for the dark clothing and the strong charisma of the person. Like the exciting house facade, it breaks the mood in outdoor application photos.

Of course you can also turn the whole thing around, because customers without a suit can too Application photos outdoor shoot. You can make people look professional and elegant with harmonious components such as: posture, pose, light (evening sun, cool morning sun, bright midday sun...), clothing, make-up and hair, although the shooting takes place in an environment that you are actually with completely different adjectives.

So don't let that put you off. If you want to do something other than studio photos, I can only say: try an outdoor application photo! We would be happy to advise you.


Studio photography application photo

So and now on the subject of studio photography Basically, you associate the studio with the classic application photo, right?

Due to the concrete lighting and the elegant dark background, it lives up to its name. However, the studio for professional application photos in Munich has also evolved. Colored or structured backgrounds and modern lighting can also create an approachable, easy-going and relaxed atmosphere to a certain extent. Because colors such as white, light grey, blue, pink, dark green etc. and backgrounds that resemble a marble look or look like an old wooden wall are anything but classic.

And yes, you are welcome to use this, just make sure that the photo fits your industry. But don't worry, ours team of photographers will be happy to advise you to find the right set for your application photo. Just bring your ideas to the photo shoot and we will see how to combine it with our experiences. Be brave and start your new job in Munich or wherever with new ideas.

We look forward to being able to accompany you a little along the way of your application!

your Esther
& the entire Photogenika team
Your photo studio in Munich

PS The next blog is about the topic #5 How many pictures do I need?

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