#3: Be yourself! How should hair and make-up be styled for your application photo?

Nice that you tuned in again and want to read our tip #3 for the application. The topic of hair and make-up is complex for the application photo. First of all, I would like to tell you that the most important thing is that you stay yourself and don't pretend to your appointment!

If you are the person who likes to live your everyday life without make-up, naturally, you should come to the shoot like that. Because it is important that you feel comfortable in the studio and that you can also radiate it. If you like to do your make-up, then do it the way you like to do it. Feel free to try out how your desired make-up looks in combination with your outfit (you can find tips on this in the blog #2 Feel good in your outfit).

Personally, I find it more delicate and more beautiful, because the light and the background, as well as the perhaps somewhat more unusual pose in the photo can be a lot.

Concrete tips on how your make-up for your photo shoot could look like:

  • a light eye make-up, delicate foundation and a strong lipstick that emphasizes the lips beautifully
  • heavier eye make-up, plus a delicately contoured skin and a natural lipstick/or even just a little shine, for example with a cream or Labello
  • Light day make-up with some mascara, powder on the skin and Labello on the lips

There are so many ways to use makeup in photography. Feel free to let yourself go Pinterest, our Instagram page or our page for Application Photos Inspire how others have solved this "problem". But if you want to be on the safe side and find the right hair and make-up styling for you, make-up artists or make-up stylists/artists can help you. You can also book this with us for your shooting.

My goal is to reflect you in the application photo and not to pretend, because you don't need that at all! Remember, sometimes #less is more.

Now let's talk about hair. Each of us has different hair. That's what sets us apart and makes us so individual. Here I can only say: wear your hair in the picture the way you feel comfortable and love it. During the shooting itself, our photographer will "pluck" it so that the hair does not cover your face and falls beautifully.

Nevertheless, there is so much you can do with an application photo – e.g.:

  • leave them open
  • put to one side
  • put tightly behind the ears
  • tie in a side braid
  • tie to the back
  • braid into a braid, etc. …

You may notice that there are no limits to your creativity in this topic. To get inspired, just look at a few impressions on our pinboards on Pinterest or on our website. Just try it out.

You have already tried so many things on the subject Application photos Munich, or would you like to be pampered? We also offer you professional make-up artists on site who will be happy to style you for your photo shoot and give you a hand (you can find more information about this on our homepage under application photos.

If that is not what you want, you should know that we would be happy to advise you. We will definitely find the right way for your hair and make-up styling. We look forward to you!

your Esther
& the entire Photogenika team
Your photo studio in Munich

PS The next blog is about the topic #4 Choice of location: Outdoor or rather in the studio?

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