#5 How many pictures do I need?

How many pictures do I actually need to choose from? Very few people ask themselves this question, as it is actually quite clear: I need an application photo. An application photo, which can be embedded in the front of the CV. A photo where you can recognize me.

Yes ok, I understood that. But if you have already read the previous blogs on the subject of application photos, you are already a real professional and know how much you can get out of simple ones Application Photos can get out.

We'll just go back to an example: Imagine you're really fed up with your job. You've been working for the same company in Munich for so many years and do the same jobs every day. You want to restart. New. turn your life around.

What does that mean to you? Would you like to go into another industry? Another company? A promotion? A new area? What is your goal? Actually, this blog should be the first of the #6 tips and tricks, but it is deliberately at the end, because I think it is important that you first think about what you are doing this for, as in blog #1 Application photo need and define your goals. In this blog I would like to try to support your thoughts.

If you are the applicant who would like to start from scratch and immerse yourself in another business, but also apply in the current company in a different area or would like to study again, this might be just for you. Don't get stuck on an application picture that may only fit perfectly with one application.

Enjoy the luxury of choosing several photos from different photos, so that each of your applications gets the perfect matching application photo and underlines your cover letter.

How cool is it when every application is perfectly optimized? The fully formulated cover letter, in one of your favorite layouts, adorned with your favorite picture, a perfect CV - mega!

It's so hard to find a new job, that's why I'm sure that your application will match yours Application photo Munich, in which you invest so much time and passion, that will show your readers and convince them of you! Be brave and try new things.

Finally, I would like to give you a recommendation from me. Try to choose a shoot for your application photos where you and the photographer have time to try out the outfit, tie, poses, backgrounds, light, day make-up, etc. Your advantage here is that you get more involved from photo to photo and feel more and more comfortable in the unfamiliar situation. And you can see that in your pictures. Your facial expressions will become looser, your muscles will become more relaxed and so will your posture.

Even after your application photo shoot, you will certainly not ask yourself whether you would have looked better against a different background, because you have enough time to try out different things. Of course you can't try everything in one shoot, but that's what the photographer is there for.

Our specialist staff You will receive professional advice on the subject of applications and tips on what suits you best. If you are allowed to choose the pictures, select specifically for your respective application documents. Look for colourways, posture and format. Lay your application next to you and try to imagine how the respective application photo looks in it.

If you are unsure, seek advice so that you can find the right application pictures. I'm always a fan of taking 2-3 completely different application photos in digital form, so that you can adapt the photos to the application even more individually. Be brave and try yourself.

Oki, awesome, have you really read all the blog posts in the series now? I am overwhelmed. This blog post is the last in the series: "6 tips and tricks for your application photo - let your photo tell a story". I hope I was able to give you an insight and expand your knowledge. I'm glad you got involved. If you still have uncertainties or would like some advice, the Photogenika studio team is happy to be there for you. We look forward to your call.

We are happy to be inspired by your ideas for your creative and professional application photos Munich and combine them individually with our experience. It is important to us professional photographers that you are yourself in your application photo. We always wish that you feel comfortable and that you receive the application photos that suit you.

I assume that you are already familiar with our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) clicked and got plenty of inspiration. Feel free to collect the last piece trust us on our website and click through there once. If you are already sure that we are the right photo studio for you, then just give us a call, we will be happy to advise you and arrange an appointment for application photos with you.

You don't have time for a phone call and would like to contact us by email? No problem, we are always available for you by email. We look forward to your inquiry!

your Esther
& the entire Photogenika team
Your photo studio Munich

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