Photogenic map – The greatest years of development

The first years of childhood fly by and before you know it, the little ones are already big. If only there were a way to capture the most beautiful moments of growing up... Yes, we have such a great opportunity to capture this development and the wonderful memories associated with it.

Over the years

You just have to capture these magical moments from toddlerhood to adulthood. Here in our photo studio at Ostbahnhof or in our photo studio in Westend we offer the photogenic card Up to four appointments per year for three years. All children from a family can be photographed. It's best to start with this straight after newborn shoot. Immediately after birth is the time when the little ones make the biggest leaps and develop the most. And wouldn't it be a shame not to document this time in particular. Of course, we know that it is often not so easy to fit in a photo shoot with children in everyday life, but this type of shoot is very quick and takes a maximum of half an hour anyway. The photogenic card is also ideal for several siblings.

Or before birth?

It’s positive – the pregnancy test. A magical time begins and with it the first step towards becoming a real family. This great time only happens very rarely in life and we are happy to accompany you through the pregnancy and birth. If you want, we'd be happy to start with one Baby belly shoot at the end of pregnancy. Instead of the photogenic card, you can use it before birth Baby Pass Use it and get a great discount on a photo shoot. You use the baby pass for baby bump photos, for your newborn photoshoot or afterwards at one family shoot.

Memory within reach

The pictures and any Photo Products you can easily purchase it from us after the photo shoot. We would be happy to create one for you so that you can have the three years or even the pregnancy in one place beautiful albums. You will also receive a one-time discount on this when your Photogenic card expires if you decide to extend it.

A whole new tingle?

Based on your experience with us, are you also interested in completely different shoots, such as baby bump, newborn, family, nude, lingerie & boudoir or portrait shoots? With the photogenic card you also get a nice discount for these shoots. And when your children go to crèche or kindergarten, we give you pictures of your little ones worth a large savings package every year if you manage to get Photogenics in your home Kindergarten photographed.

Your Charlotte

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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