Autumn shooting in the courtyard garden

Colorful leaves, a cozy evening, two couples, one with a baby on board and four photographers. These were the cornerstones from which our autumn shoot was made. We had previously searched for models on Facebook, many of our followers had replied and we were spoiled for choice.

But let's start at the very beginning. For us photographers, it is a matter close to our hearts to be able to take photos free of any assignment, so that we can develop our creativity and ideas completely freely. That's why it's important to us to organize an inspiration shoot from time to time, for which we're looking for volunteers at irregular intervals. This time we were so inspired by the colorful leaves of this autumn that we absolutely wanted to organize a portrait shoot, couple photos and baby belly pictures in the courtyard garden. We succeeded, thanks to our wonderful models, without any problems.

Cuddly couple shooting

We met the first two in the early evening at Odeonsplatz and strolled leisurely through the Munich Hofgarten in the golden light, past all the fabulous flowers, blossoms and hedges. We also left the pompous Diana temple behind us, because we didn't want to catch the typical photo motifs, but rather explore the more natural corners.

With one eye each on our camera equipment, the four of us buzzed around them like moths around a light. Whereby we first with some couple pics in the setting sun before we separated both and staged them individually. Don't worry, after that the two were allowed to meet again, cuddle, throw colorful leaves and hike piggyback across the meadow.

Cool baby belly shoot

The second couple (including the baby bump) joined us and the other two had a little break to catch their breath before they were allowed to be in front of our lens again. We discovered the rear part of Munich's Hofgarten, with a stunning brick wall, overgrown with colorful leaves, showing off its beauty. So we couldn't avoid integrating them into our photos, so that wonderfully colorful and yet stylish baby bump pics developed.

We took turns taking photos and posing. We at Photogenica work under one name and at the same level, but are free to develop creatively and stylistically. Each of us has our own unmistakable image style, which despite this harmonises wonderfully with that of our photo studio.

In our studios, everything is represented from playfully romantic to completely natural to minimalistic, and we can usually tell from the picture who took the photo shoot.

Are you excited to see the pictures from our fall shoot? Then take a look at the great results right below this post. Maybe you already recognize different styles in the pictures.

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