Part 4: nude lingerie photo style

We just typed the word “lingerie photos” into the search engine and got 161,000 different results. That's a lot of information and we can understand why some women and men out there are overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. Would you like to know roughly what the differences between the photo styles are? We explain that to you in this blog post, you just have to read on diligently.

The “basics” for a nude or lingerie shoot are always the same. Background, lighting as well as indoor or outdoor, light scenes and which parts of the body should be in your picture?

We can answer most of these questions for you, as it is our job as a photographer is to take care of them and we do that with particular pleasure. With the others, we take enough time to advise you comprehensively and to help you make the right decision for you and your body. Also so that you can stay relaxed in front of the camera and your picture can express passion.

1. The background

There are an infinite number of different colors and themes in photography, which also affect the contrast and style of your image. The main question revolves around light or dark. Dark backgrounds are widely used in nude and lingerie photography, such as black or dark grey. These are ideal for aesthetic body landscapes and stylish full-body shots. With the tong light, we can illuminate your body beautifully with a light edge and completely hide unloved areas in the shadows. For example, a picture can only be created with your body as a silhouette. This usually makes the motifs appear more mysterious, sensual and dramatic against a dark background.

Shots in front of a light background usually appear more timeless, softer, lovelier but also more playful and allow a look into your face. Your body is completely illuminated by the bright floor, so orange peel skin and wrinkles don't stand a chance. Therefore, this type of background is also suitable for all body shapes and tastes. The focus here is more on your face and your entire body, less on body landscapes. But a photo in which the viewer can see that you are completely naked, but nothing can be seen, is also possible here.

2. The light

Since photography means something like "drawing with light", this is essential for our work, because the picture is only created by light in the first place. Therefore, the lighting of your picture is crucial for the style, mood and scene in your lingerie or nude shoot. There are two different options here.

On the one hand, we use soft or diffuse light. This conjures up any skin beautiful, smooth and soft and is exactly the right choice for the type of woman who wants to appear feminine and gentle. Against a dark background, it flatters your curves more, looks sensual and conjures up a beautiful silhouette.

The other option is also the complete opposite with hard light. Here we have the possibility to create high-contrast and hard light edges, which can only be light or dark. This particularly emphasizes muscles, looks theatrical and particularly hard, but also lets unloved parts of the body disappear completely in the shadows.


3.Indoor or outdoor

Indoor doesn't just mean in our studio, but also in yours home is a photo shoot possible. In the studio, we have the advantage that we can put you in the best possible light with our flash lamps and that the backgrounds are timeless and flexible. At home, a boudoir shooting is more possible, in which we can photograph you in a natural position and in a playful way.

In contrast to this is taking photos outdoors, which we only recommend to the very brave among you. For this purpose, it is best to drive to the country to avoid prying eyes. If you have imagined something more urban, we can also meet early in the morning when the streets and footpaths are not that busy. In our photo studio in west end we also have a rustic staircase from the 50s and an attic on this theme, which look fabulous on nude photos.  

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