Part 3: nude lingerie clothes and accessories

Since nude photography is something very personal, your pictures should ideally contain personal details as well. Whether you express this in your clothes or your accessories (or both) is entirely up to you. You're still a little unclear about what your Nude photo shoot or your lingerie shots? We have some tips and tricks for you.

Accessories - what are my options?

Depending on how comfortable you are, you can bring more or less accessories with you. Here you can bring something from your everyday life or extra for the shooting nude photographer get it, it is important that you feel comfortable and sexy with it

If you want to be more subtle in your nude shoot, a delicate necklace or bracelet will suffice. Maybe your partner gave you one of the two and you can present it on your bare skin and thus on sensual photos. High heels are also allowed in the picture, as long as you can move reasonably safely in them. Stockings can also sensually spice up your nude image and flatter your body in a targeted manner.

Large or eye-catching statement chains together with eye-catching fashion make-up provide more glamor. If you have overknees in your closet, you can of course bring them with you to the photo shoot at the nude photographer and combined with a hat, your erotic nude photos will go directly in the direction of fashion photography.

Are you still looking for something extra for your photos and would you rather express your personality through your hobby? Then look for something that represents this well and is still quite handy. For example a saxophone, your climbing rope or the jersey of your favorite club or your sports equipment. We can integrate almost anything into your recordings in a beautiful and erotic way. Some customers also bring hats, hair or headdresses to their nude photo shoots. Just as beautifully, a wide variety of cloths and textiles can be incorporated into your pictures, which then skilfully play around your body and conceal unloved parts of the body.

If you have an absolute favorite piece of furniture at home, you are of course welcome to bring it with you to our studio and we can integrate it perfectly into your picture in the foreground or background. Of course, it shouldn't be too big or expansive. In the event that you love the entire interior design of your apartment so much that you couldn't decide what to take with you, we, as nude photographers, are also happy to come to your home and pose you there, as well as the right light. We can also create erotic photos in different rooms, whether in the kitchen, your living room or your bedroom, we are flexible and take your wishes to heart. For a shooting at home you can register in our section Home Story inform about our prices.

Seasonal things like flowers or certain colors are also a nice accent on your nudes. For example, you can bring cherry blossoms or daffodils in spring, wildflowers in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn, and snowdrops in winter. Summer or Christmas colors also make your pictures look more seasonal, just like a summer dress or maybe a winter hat.

If you are still unsure about your accessories on the day of the shoot, it is better to bring too many than too few. So we can select together with you and pick out the right one for your type of nude photos.

Outfits – what do I wear if I want to have lingerie photos taken?

As with normal portrait photos, your nude photo stands and falls with your clothing. A little tip in advance: feel free to bring one of your partner's items of clothing with you, so he or she will only discover it in the photo and be surprised that he or she didn't even notice that something was missing. Or maybe you've had an underwear set in your closet for some time, but you've never been able to find the right occasion for it? This one has now come. 

It is also very important and essential for your perfect photo of your lingerie that you wear loose clothing before the shoot so that you avoid unsightly imprints. Your underwear can be black, as this looks nice and elegant and doesn't distract from yourself. But colorful underwear can also add a nice touch of color to the picture and look more playful. 

Of course, if you have planned more of a partial act, the same applies to your panties. You can also pack a wide variety of cuts or shapes, which all look very different. Tangas emphasize the buttocks very nicely and stretch out the legs, while panties skilfully flatter your curves and draw more attention to your legs and waist. 

Bodysuits, negligees, but also a cardigan, kimono, your favorite jacket or a leather jacket are welcome guests with us, as they suit every occasion and body shape and can be used in a variety of ways. On the one hand, they can be used to conceal small "problem areas" and on the other hand, they can emphasize your best features without having to photograph against a dark background.

Of course, you should feel comfortable with your nude photos in the photo studio, so the most important rule is: bring what you feel comfortable with. Everyone wants to present themselves differently and look like they are in the photos.

we nude photographers However, we tailor each shoot precisely to the woman standing in front of us. We don't have a "standard formula" that we apply to every customer, because the human body is individual and should be treated as such in the photo studio. Our photographers will respond to your personal wishes on an individual basis and will be happy to advise you so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

The next blog post is about Part 4: nude lingerie photo style

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