Part 5: Nude photography, despite the imperfect body

We celebrate imperfection, because we too photographers of photogenics are not perfect. Nobody in our photo studio in Munich has the dimensions of a model, baby skin and chocolate sides all round. At the moment there is a new movement of self-love and individuality, in which more and more women dare to be proud of their imperfections and we want to support that with our photography.

1. You are wonderful!

Every human body is unique and beautiful in its own way, and that's what we want ours to be Nudes and stylish, erotic pictures. Each of us has our favorite body part or maybe several of them. Some love her bottom because it is particularly beautifully shaped, others her endlessly long legs, some her beautifully shaped breasts and some just everything about it. Exactly these special curves we would like to celebrate with you and put them in the right light in a photo shoot and on beautiful photos. It doesn't matter if you're slim, curvy or muscular, you're beautiful naked!

In our Munich photo shoot, we focus on emphasizing your strengths and dwarfing your unloved areas. With light we can shape your body beautifully and perfect your photos for you. Even with the right body tension, stretched and rotated, you can emphasize certain parts of the body and conceal others. A little insider tip for the photo shoot: with high heels or on tiptoe, every leg looks a little more elegant, slimmer and firmer.

It all comes down to honest communication photo studio with your photographer. At the beginning of the shoot, please tell us what you value less about yourself, because beauty is subjective and depends on the viewer. You don't have to worry that your problem might be strange, because there is nothing we haven't heard about or find in ourselves, although we know as well as you do that more self-love would do us all good. Only through honest communication can we create a relaxed atmosphere so that you can completely relax with your nudes or lingerie photos.

2. Lighting

Through targeted and professional lighting in front of a light or dark background, we can either hide "problem areas" for erotic photos in the shadows or illuminate them so that your skin can just look baby tender. You don't have to worry about that, apart from the question of the background, because we are professionally trained photographers who love their craft more than anything and know what they are doing.

Of course we will also help you with your poses, tell you how and where to go for your Nudes Should stretch Munich. In addition, we are always happy to give valuable tips on how we can add a little extra portion of beauty to your nude photos. We are also very honest and don't chase after any pose if it just doesn't suit you. Because the nude poses should suit you and your beautiful female body and not the other way around.

3. Problem areas

If you don't find a part of your body attractive at all, you are not alone and we will find a solution for you. As mentioned above, you can play with different light and shadow situations or simply concentrate on other parts of the body and details, because your body offers enough of that. Your body is a master of facets and offers us the "classics" such as buttocks, breasts, décolleté, legs, but also your back, stomach, arms or feet can be the attraction in your pictures. It is usually these detailed shots that make you seem so mysterious as a person that you are not immediately recognizable. However, if it is just a small wrinkle or an unevenness that bothers you, we can reassure you, you will only receive retouched pictures from us and of course you can also express your wishes for editing, which we will be happy to take into account.

If you're going through a tough time or are feeling low on self-confidence, an erotic photo shoot can help you find your way back into self-love and build your self-esteem. Because as soon as you see the end result for the first time, you will burst with pride and feel sexy again. Many women are always surprised by this, because they keep asking happily, touched and amazed: "Is that really me?!"

Nude photos give you a new perspective on yourself because you see yourself through different eyes or the camera and not just in the mirror at home. A photo shoot is also a reason to take care of yourself. Stunning makeup, great lingerie, and a professional nude photographer will bring your self-esteem back faster than you can imagine.

4. Last doubts

We often hear that our wonderful clients have struggled for years to get one Make an appointment for a nude shoot or lingerie shots and after the photo shoot in our studio we asked ourselves "why?" It's a wonderful experience, especially for yourself and your self-confidence, to see you so sexy and detached in your pictures. So our tip to you: Don't think twice, just dare and see yourself with completely different eyes.

The next blog post is about Part 6: Boudoir, what is it?

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