Wedding photography from different perspectives and different points of view

If a future bridal couple contacts us and is interested in our wedding photography in Munich and the surrounding area, we will make an appointment for a non-binding meeting to get to know each other. This gives both the bride and groom as well as us wedding photographer the opportunity to get an idea of the other person.
For us wedding photographers, it is particularly important to find out the wishes and ideas of the bridal couple in advance. That's why it's quite possible at Photogenika that this conversation easily lasts an hour. Because the better we are informed about processes and planning, the better the wedding photography can be captured on the day of the day.
Especially with the wedding portraits, it is very important to know what kind of wedding pictures the bridal couple wants, how much time we have available and where exactly the wedding photos are to be photographed. It often happens to us that bridal couples bring sample pictures that they like. Then there are reportage photos of the church wedding, on which the bride's entry, the handing over of the ring or the wedding kiss can be seen from different perspectives. Say the handover of the ring on one wedding photo from the front and on the second wedding photo as a detail shot from behind. The patterns for wedding photography also show different events that are photographed from different points of view or with different focal lengths.
The bride often looks at me and says: "That's pretty much how I imagined my wedding photography! Can you do it like that?” My answer is: “Of course I can photograph it like that. But not alone. With the modern way of wedding photography the reports are not photographed by one wedding photographer alone, but by at least two photographers.” The bridal couple did not expect this answer. Finally, a second wedding photographer is also associated with more costs. But seriously: The wedding cake is eaten on the same day, the bridal bouquet withered in a few days, but the emotional wedding pictures that show how the cake is cut or the opening dance is danced, they stay forever!
You will then see a selection of wedding photography in Munich from one of our last weddings that we were allowed to accompany with two photographers. I think the extra effort was totally worth it!
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