Photography - with attention to detail

Today I, your Photogenika - photographer Julia, want to present some other pictures that we take at almost every photo shoot - our detailed shots. No matter what area of photography, whether in business photography, wedding photography or nude photography, the details are always important and give every picture a unique charm!
So of course we always make sure in our photography not to forget the little things and to put them in the right light. At weddings, this includes, for example, the groom's elegant cufflinks, the detailed lace appliqués on the wedding dress and the lovingly attached decorations in the ballroom. Pictures of all these details, which would otherwise perhaps not be noticed so attentively, are just as important to us as portraits of the bridal couple and photos of the kiss at the altar.
If I photograph conferences and congresses as part of our business photography, then I always make sure to capture the numerous details there too: I capture name tags, floral decorations, the catering and also the logos of the organizing companies in my own pictures. Only in this way can the special mood of the event be captured in photography with our photographic means.
But the loving details also add that certain something to our nude and lingerie shoots. These include, for example, the necklace given by a boyfriend or husband, the shiny drops of water on the skin and also the newborn's first shoes, which the mother proudly holds to her baby bump.
In our Photo studio in the Westend and Photo studio at Ostbahnhof we have a variety of accessories and props that are good for detail shots. There are also different backgrounds that give each picture its own flair.
Only these lovingly photographed details make the pictures complete and unique. As a photographer, it is incredibly fun for me to put such small things – which in retrospect often prove to be the decisive kick of the photo – in the right light of photography and thus capture the mood at weddings or give the baby bump shoot a very personal touch. But see for yourself - how do the detailed shots of the photographs affect you?

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