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Speeches, weddings, congratulations, champagne reception, gift giving, cutting the cake, bridal waltz, group photos, portraits. Everybody knows her. The standard event photography images that are photographed at every birthday, celebration, event and wedding. Sure, you want them, after all they are part of the day like the sun. But what comes after the normal celebration?
Clearly: THE PARTY!
And as everyone knows, that's when things really get going. With good music, nobody stays seated. Everyone dances, jumps and swings, and one or the other shows their wildest side. How often do we photographers hear from Photogenika after a wedding: “...it's a shame you weren't there. The band was so great and everyone danced and let off steam until four in the morning. It was so unique...just awesome!"
Who now thinks that these scenes are for Event Photography and wedding photography cannot be optimally captured photographically, we can prove the opposite. Because when we take photos at a party, it's not just the guests who let off steam. No, we photographers like to be carried away by the great atmosphere and develop all our creative and technical skills.
There is then flashed, rotated, pulled and zoomed. For the best vantage point to stage polonaises, waltzes, disco fox, legendary moves and co, we even lie down on the floor for atmospheric event photography and wedding photography, climb up on chairs and lean over many a shaky railing.
And the result of all the effort? Dynamic, unique, sweeping images for event photography and wedding photography. In short: Great and ingenious shots that make you think back to the party years after the party and want to jump off the sofa and dance. You can not imagine how the whole thing should look like in the end and are not sure whether such pictures are something for your wedding or your next event? Then take a look at the brilliant event shots we shot at one of our last weddings.
Well, got a taste? Want your party pics to rock just like the ones featured on the blog? Then don't hesitate and book your event photographer for the next celebration today!
We're looking forward to,
Alessia and her Photogenika team

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wedding photography
Event Photography
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