Hanging pictures - 5 interesting variants

You want to use the time in quarantine at home sensibly and maybe try something different in addition to new recipes?

Then here are 5 more unusual ideas with which you can beautify your apartment with the help of your pictures:

1.Gallery Wall

Do you like it meaningful? With a gallery wall made of several picture frames, you can fill smaller or larger wall areas - this type of decor is also great for empty corners.

It is best to look for a color scheme so that the pictures not only match the room, but also match each other and the overall picture is right.

Use uniform frames in different sizes for an elegant look or mix colors, shapes and textures wildly to give your wall even more character.


2. Macrame hanging

Another, slightly simpler option of picture accumulation is hanging the pictures on macrame. Here you can present your self-made snapshots with nice clothespins (made of wood, for example). So you have something to tinker with and depending on the size of the macrame you can also individually fill entire walls or just niches. Plus: you can easily swap out the pictures – if your heart ever desires a change of scenery.

(Tip: you can also replace the wooden stick at the top with a branch that you forked during a walk if you would like to have a little more nature in the living room...)


3.Wood frame

This little method is probably the most minimalistic and easiest to implement.

All you need is the frame and a picture/poster of your choice. Very easy to assemble and hang up: Your picture in a slightly different picture frame on the wall. The magnets in the wood will not damage your work of art and it can be easily replaced depending on your mood and current living style. Simple but effective!


4. Fairy lights VS metal mesh

Can't see your old fairy lights with attached Polaroids from 5 years ago and just want to do something different with your visual memories?

How about a metal wall grid? Here you can let off steam and either let specific clear lines speak or create very personal arrangements.

(Tip: By the way, such a grid is also great above the desk for notes that you want to keep an eye on..)


5. Frame Utilization

Do you have a big (or not that big), old (or not that old) picture frame and don't know exactly what to do with it?

Very easy - use! But don't just pack a picture in and hang it up. Why not get a little creative and make a small collection of your favorite photos and frame them all at once? For example, you can attach strings horizontally on the back and show your pregnancy story or mix and match your holiday photos.

(Tip: Cords can also be attached vertically if that suits you better 😉)


So, I hope you have found a small new project against your potential corona boredom and can look forward to your self-made work of art, which will hopefully be finished soon.

Stay healthy, take care of yourselves and see you soon!

Your Laura

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