Part 6: Boudoir, what is it?

"Boudoir" is an old French term that translates as "small, elegant room". This was a small room in which the lady of the house could withdraw and which later became widely known as a dressing room.

The term "boudoir"

This becomes the term Boudoir photography or boudoir photo shoots are defined by photographers with the "view into the dressing room", which represents a sensual and intimate situation and is therefore less related to nude photography, but much more related lingerie photography is comparable. It is important here that the picture appears informal, detached and private in a special way, so that a relaxed atmosphere can also be conveyed in the photos. Thus, boudoir photos are wonderfully natural lingerie photos, which nonetheless sparkle with eroticism.

Natural details in boudoir photography

In boudoir photography, the model is not photographed completely naked, but staged in sensual underwear and natural poses. Sometimes subtle accessories are also used, but in this special and professional type of photography it remains rather subtle. The make-up also plays a decisive role, because it should not be too flashy and rather subtle. The aim is to stage the model in pure elegance, sensuality and romance. A real room is usually used for this, such as your personal bedroom in your home, a hotel room or a real dressing room, as already described in the definition for the boudoir photo shoot.

Implementation at the shoot for boudoir photos

The attempt is made to present the model for the boudoir shooting in a pose that is as natural as possible or in an action and is therefore usually a strong contrast to the nude photos in the Studio. A wide variety of scenarios are staged during the photo shoot, for example pulling up the stockings or slipping the kimono over the shoulder. But also portraits, detailed shots or shots of individual body parts are not uncommon. Of course, since only a few women have modeling experience, we still give instructions on posing, just with the focus on more natural postures. For example, photos are also created here on the bed, which can appear cozy, playful but also intimate. This allows the viewer a glimpse into your privacy and at the same time exudes a sensitive atmosphere.

The right light is with one Boudoir photo shoot, just like in any other area of photography, it is particularly important to put your body in the limelight in your photo. In boudoir photography, the focus is more on natural and diffuse light, making it particularly soft and flattering. Different outfits are also absolutely desirable for this delicate type of shooting, so you can gently caress your body with them and create even more wonderful and passionate memories and boudoir pictures.

This would be possible if you don't want to book a hotel room or a home story, in ours Photo studio in the Westend. There it is possible for us to take photos with daylight because we have large windows in the studio. Of course, these are covered with white curtains and no one can see into our studio from the outside, so don't worry. We also have a couch for your boudoir photo shoot there.

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