Myfactory company event in the Tonhalle

I was allowed to organize a company event from "myfactory" in the concert hall accompany you in the exciting Werkviertel.

One of the many advantages of everyday photography is that you can often look a little behind the scenes in event locations.

The best example is the Tonhalle: I knew it before this one report only from a few concerts. However, one never really deals with the spatiality itself.

For myfactory, the concert hall became an impressive conference hall with atmospheric lighting and a great stage for planned presentations.

The day was peppered with many exciting lectures, some small and big surprises and a first-class buffet. There was a very relaxed and happy atmosphere. Not only the participants of the event felt at home, but also me.

From time to time, I also got into small conversations and can only describe the whole myfactory family as super likeable, which is not a bit of an exaggeration. You really like photographing the company event.

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